10 reasons that will convince you to date a Lucknowi girl !

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We list you the reasons to date a Lucknow Girl

Here we go…

1. Lucknowi girls give the cutest expressions

If you are sad, depressed I am damn sure a Lucknawi girl will lighten up your mood. She is the one who knows how to make you laugh effortlessly with all sorts of cute expressions. You will always stay happy and positive.

2. The most well mannered girls around

‘Pehle Aap’ might sound like an old time saying in Lucknow but ‘tehzeeb’ is something in our DNAs, so expect a very polite and warm welcoming nature if you look forward to date a Lucknow girl You will soon find yourself being used to ‘Aap’ instead of  ‘Tu’.

3. Simplicity and honesty reflects in them

Although Lucknow is becoming a modern city at quite a pace but has kept itself at a distance from the hectic lifestyle of so called big cities and it is something visible in Lucknow people as well. More inclined towards simplicity, you will find some most honest and simple girls around.

4. She values the emotions behind the gift not the price. 

Some of the best presents you can give this girl have no price tag. A picnic in the park, a night under the stars, or even a trip to Marine drive or any of the parks. It’s the thought and effort you put into it that makes her smile, not a brand name or a money value. She is realistic not materialistic.

5. Bargaining is in their blood

You will have a best shopping experience ever and you don’t even need to visit fancy showrooms with high price tags, your girl knows where to shop even in a tight budget and her bargaining skills comes as a bonus.

6. Lover of art and music

Lucknowites are brought up around Nawabi culture so much so that they cannot hide their love for art or music, and if you are also a music or art lover, you will probably have a good time dating a Lucknow girl.

7. Lucknowi girl will never give up on you.

Lucknow girls are very sweet at heart when it comes to any thing which needs understanding, no matter from whatever phase you are going through. They believe in long term relationships (just in case you are looking forward for a commitment) and believe it or not they will never leave you heartbroken.

8. They know how to carry any outfit, be it on any occasion.

Apart from being sweet and well mannered, almost every Lucknow girl is very particular about how they dress up. They know exactly what to wear and how to carry the outfit with poise. You will always feel proud to introduce them in front of your family and friends. They are the perfect combination of ethnicity and modernity.

9. She loves your family as if they were her own

This is something special you would notice, they never hesitate in jelling up with your family members and friends. No matter what their financial status is –‘ Sharma ki Chai’ or ‘Shukla ki chaat’ is never gross for them.

10. Lucknowi girls are big time foodie, they won’t let you stay Hungry  

No matter whatever kind of work they do, cooking and eating good food is something every girl in Lucknow cannot resist. You will never sleep empty stomach or you can always count on them in case of good food. If you look forward to date a Lucknow girl just be ready to taste different delicacies.

The reasons to date a Lucknow girl are endless, if you are looking for a life-time commitment then Lucknowi girls are the best.

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