10 Theme Cafés In Lucknow That Offers Drool Worthy Food

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Lunch date with your girlies or a casual outing with bae, birthday celebrations with college buddies or weekend party with colleagues – the one thing common between all of these is the need of an awesome venue. Cafés are one of the best venues for a celebration, meeting with friends, casual lunch date, a little chit chat along with your cuppa and drool-worthy food.

So, we bring to you, 10 best theme cafés’ in Lucknow. Check them out to have a gala time with your mates.

1. Chemistry Café

Theme cafes in Lucknow are undoubtedly trending, and Chemistry Café has taken it to another level. From wallpaper to cutlery, everything affirms with the central theme ‘Chemistry’. Chemical formulas on walls, periodic tables, beakers to test-tubes; you name it, they have utilized everything.

What to try: White Sauce Pasta, Chemistry Special Fried Chicken and Chemistry Addiction Cold Coffee.

Location: Near Dayal Paradise, Gomti Nagar

2. Mocha

One of the ‘most happening’ food joints of Lucknow, that gives you an ambiance worth applauding. The live musical nights, the tastefully done décor and good service will add up to this overwhelming experience at Cafe Mocha. Choose this place to hangout with your friends and create awesome memories.

What to try: Mocha Fried Chicken, Banoffee Pie and Kitkat Shake

Location: Anand Plaza, Gomti Nagar

3. Vintage Machine

If you love Italian food, trust on Vintage Machine to offer some really exotic and authentic Italian delicacies. This vibrant and colourful themes café is has a perfectly groined ambiance and will treat your taste buds with some un-shared exclusive appetizers. Eliminate your weariness to the mushy melodies of guitar and violin on Saturday evenings.

What to try: Thin crust pizza, peri-peri burger, pancakes and coffee prepared from imported Venezuelan coffee beans.

Location: Patrakar Puram, Gomti Nagar

4. Lucknow Diaries

An empty canvas whose creativity depends on the customers. Yes, Lucknow Diaries is a space like rainbow filled thoughts written by customers on colorful sticky notes. There is a shelf-arranged with books, board games, cozy corners with private sitting and what not. A perfect place for couples and college students, it also offers refreshing music which can be changed to one’s liking.

What to try: Red Sauce Pasta and Oreo Shake,

Location: Madan Mohan Malviya Marg, Hazratganj

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5. Free Spirit

A small yet very upscale place that comes with off the beat ambiance. Coupled with very prompt and quick service makes the hanging out experience memorable one. If you love clicking selfies, the place will offer you some crazy props like party spects and tiara. You can play games like UNO, Ludo or Cards along with enjoying your meal. A perfect destination for hangout with friends.


What to try: Open Corn Burgers, Thin Crust Pizza and Nutella Hot Chocolate

Location: Near Shaheed Path Flyover, Gomti Nagar

6. Homey’s Café

With a youthful ambiance, Homey’s Café is a perfect place to hangout with friends. They have done some serious work on cafés décor and the graffiti on each wall is certainly a treat for your eyes. Situated on main road, the café is easy to spot.

What to try: Alfredo Pasta, New York Burger and Ice Tea

Location:  Railway Station Road, Gomti Nagar

7. The Lucknow Local


When it comes to creativity, this café will leave you surprised. Welcoming its customers with a Yamaha motorbike hanging atop the door, the entrance of Lucknow Local is one of its kind. From, the batman logo to the shelves made of pipe, the café leaves no stone unturned to resonate creativity at its best. Not only will the ambiance impress you, but the food is unique as well. Besides, they also encourage the chef in you, in the form of cooking workshops they host every Sunday.

What to try: MMT cake with Nutella shake and try making your own Pizza.

Location: Latouche Road, Charbagh

8. Chocolate Heaven

This is one place in Lucknow that will never disappoint you. They completely live up to their tagline: 100% Chocolate Café. Excellent place to satisfy your sweet tooth and indulge in some chocolatey affair. With a huge variety of chocolates, coffee, pancakes, waffles, milkshakes and pizza, Chocolate Heave will leave you bemused. Do not miss to try some chocolate shots, and create some unforgettable moments with your buddies.

What to try: Brownie Sundae, Chocolate Fondue, KitKat waffle and Chicken Tikka Pizza

Location: Vivek Khand, Gomti Nagar.

9. Café GoDown

As the name suggests, this chromatic café is situated in a basement. It has unique interior setup of rustic stuffs and jazzy chalk graffiti all around. If you are someone who is fond of hukkah, this place will surely meet your standards. And when you are done with hogging, they will offer you a “फatka”. Well, that what they call their bill box.

What to try: Chicken Takatak Pizza, Green Apple Mojito and Oreo shake

Location: Kapoorthala Road, Aliganj.

10. Cappuccino Mini Blast

One of the perfect hangout destination for youngsters, Cappuccino Mini Blast is divided into a Mini Garden Cafe and a Mini Terrace Café. The mesmerizing interiors makes it one of the much sought after cafés in the town. It looks more like museum with lots of antique stuffs, chandeliers, crockery that reminds you of ancient times. The grass wall and charpai seating offering hookah’s, snacks, beverages is one major attraction. The café also has one original painting by ace painter Raja Ravi Verma.

What to try: Sweetheart Hazelnut Sandwiches, Triple Szechwan Fried Rice and Warm Brownie Sundae

Location: Near Fun Republic Mall, Gomti Nagar,

So, you thought you have been to all the fun places in the city? Well if you have missed these, believe us, you missed hanging out in some rather fabulous places with your friends.

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