10 Things You Will Agree with If You’re a Foodie from Lucknow

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Lucknowites are born Foodies and you know that I am not exaggerating. All thanks to the delightful food the city has to offer. From traditional food joints to budding cafés there is so much in the city when it comes to food.

To cherish the foodie culture we dwell in, we bring for you 10 things you will agree with if you’re a Foodie from Lucknow.

1. ‘Biryani’ is a holy word for you.

Biryani tastes divine and who would know this better than a Lucknow Foodie. No matter where in the world you end up going you will always crave for Awadhi Biryani.

2. The first App you ever downloaded was ZOMATO

You are always busy uploading reviews and pictures of restaurants/cafés on Zomato or checking for new places to visit for your next food trail. 13 connoisseur is all you want to become; Isn’t it?

3. Chhola-Kulcha is not your thing, you love your Kulcha with Nihari

While Delhites may drool over Chhola Kulcha it certainly fails to please you. When it comes to Kulcha the only thing that comes to your mind in Nihari.

4. You don’t carry Lunch on ‘Bada Mangal Bhandara’ days

There is nothing as appetizing as the Bada Mangal Sabji-Poori and we wait throughout the year for the ‘Bada Managal’ weeks to arrive.

5. Sharma Ji is not your neighborhood uncle, It’s your favorite place for ‘Chai’

‘Sharma Ji Ki Chai’ for us comes as a breath of fresh air on a Monday morning. All we need is a glass of Sharma Ji Ki Chai and Bun Maska to start our day.

6. When you step out of Lucknow, you are Brand ambassador of Tunday Kebabs

Eating Kebabs out of lucknow leads to praising Tunday Kebabs back home. You just can’t stop telling your friends that there can be np kebab in the world as good as that of Tunday.

7. You can Eat ‘Chicken’ while you are wearing one (Chikan)

Pun intended. Lucknow is known for its ‘Chikan’ and ‘Chicken’ and Lucknowites have the pleasure of enjoying both.

8. Ice-creams may come and go, you are loyal to ‘Faluda Kulfi’

Ice-creams may come as a savior in summers but ‘Faluda Kulfi’ is our first love. You don’t regret going all the way to Aminabad and Chowk to taste the best Kulfi in Lucknow.

9. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t finish your Basket Chat all alone.

Basket Chat is indeed a signature dish of Lucknow. A tokri filled with potato tikki, dah bada, garnished with pomegranates, sev, dahi and chutney, this chat is an absolute delight but too heavy to have it alone.

10. A day without ‘Paan’ is a day wasted.

There is no denying that Lucknowites are true Nawabs and can never go off with the ‘Nawabi Shauk’ of eating Paan. After all, Shauk Badi Cheez Hai!

I am sure you must have related with all the above points if you are a true foodie from Lucknow. If you liked our post, let us know in the comments below.

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