10 things you will swear by if you live in Gurgaon!

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What brought us Gurgaon? Well, for most of us the answer is ‘Rozi-Roti’. If you have been living in Gurgaon (even if you are a student) for some time now; this article is for you.

Here we list for you 10 things you will relate to if you live in Gurgaon!

1. Traffic Jams are a routine and they no more scare the shit out of you.

You are accustomed with the traffic jams. Water logging, Pot holes and Traffic Jams are rituals for you.

2. Delhites often say that you aren’t really from ‘Delhi’.

Well ‘I know that bro’ is all you want to say. You may have power shortcuts in Gurgaon but that doesn’t make you any less. You are happily from Gurgaon.

3. You boast of Arjun Market, but sneak to Delhi for ‘sasta’ shopping.

Though Arjun Market is a blessing for Gurgaonwalas, but ultimate satisfaction can only be attained after shopping from Sarojini or Janpath. Yes it’s time you admit that.

4. Every trip to ‘Noida’ makes you realize you just crossed TWO borders.

NCR is a fun place to be in. You have a part of UP, a part of Haryana and a Delhi perfectly sandwiched between the two. Doesn’t that sound great!!

5. You have been labeled ‘Villager’ for supposedly living in ‘Gaon’ or ‘Gram’.

You call it Gurgaon or Gurugram, you end up being a villager as you reside in a ‘Gaon’ / ‘Gram’. This lame joke is cracked on you zillion times to be precise.

6. You have fallen in love with the ‘Haryanvi’ accent.

No matter which part of country you come from. You absolutely understand what ‘Datto’ in Tanu Weds Manu Returns said. Lalit Shokeen’s videos crack you up like crazy.

7. Aahhh! The captivating skyline.

The sight of beautiful skylines in Gurgaon takes away all the pain. You take a moment to realize that you are indeed in India. But the power cuts burst the bubble.

8. Roads in Gurgaon are full of diversity.

You have cows, you have pigs, and you can even spot camels coming all the way from Rajasthan. Then you have most swanky cars with ‘gujjar’ written all over. Wait, you also have tractors and cars running parallel.

9. Construction noises are lullaby for you.

The bricks and mortars, the road rollers and cranes are everywhere in Gurgaon. You no more get bothered with the construction noises. They build things everyday in Gurgaon, you know what I mean.

10. But there’s one thing that makes for all the sufferings. The 24*7 ‘theka’ service.

You have to pay a price for good things. And what can be better than ‘thekas’ serving you 24*7. You don’t know what a Dry Day looks like !

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