10 Tourist Places in Lucknow That Everyone Must Visit

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Known for its rich cultural heritage and authentic Awadhi cuisines, Lucknow is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Uttar Pradesh. It won’t be wrong to say that Lucknow has always been one step ahead in oozing out it’s awesomeness.

So, if you happen to visit the city of Nawabs, we bring for you list of 10 tourist places in Lucknow that everyone must visit.

1. Bada Imambada

Lucknow is a city of domes and arches, and when in city you just can’t miss on historical monuments. One of the best experience to have in the capital city is to visit Bada Imambada. The monument has a unique style of construction and considered to be world’s largest unsupported structure and the central hall of Bara Imambara, is said to be the largest arched hall in the world.

An intriguing labyrinth, Bhul Bhulaiya is the major attraction at Bada Imamabada. Besides, Shahi Bawli, Rumi Darwaza are also present to explore.

2. Chhota Imambada

The Chhota Imambara is one of the most beautiful and attractive buildings in the old city. The imposing monument lies to the west of Bara Imambara. This 19th century building is also known as the palace of lights because of its decorations and chandeliers.

Chota Imambara is often touted as the most prominent historical structure of Lucknow. Architecturally, it is a wonderful amalgam of Indo-Islamic and Persian structural designs. The sheer brilliance of Chota Imambara during the festive season at night time gets imprinted on the mind of visitors.

3. Residency:

If historical ruins fascinate you, then you can’t give British Residency a miss. A large collection of parks and ruins, Residency offers a fascinating historical glimpse of the beginning of the end for the British Raj. Once, the residence for the British Resident General, is now a place of tourist attraction.

In 1857 the place witnessed a prolonged battle which is also known as Siege of Lucknow. You can still witness the grim face of battle in its bullet and cannon struck walls. There is also a well-designed 1857 Memorial Museum, in the main Residency building, and a cemetery which supposedly has the graves of 2000 men, women and children, who died during the siege.

4. Ambedkar Park:

A memorial as magnificent as Ambedkar Memorial, is not something you get to see every day. Sprawling across an area of 107 acres, the memorial is certainly a creation of modern art in 20th century. Commissioned in the name of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, everything in the park is architectural brilliance.

Located at Gomti Nagar, this infamous elephant park, is a visual treat at night. Though you won’t find much recreational or amusement activities, but Ambedkar Memorial, is place you can’t afford to miss.

5. Janeshwar Mirshra Park

Lucknow is a city of parks, and one of its most prized possession is Janeshwar Mishra Park. Situated in the heart of Lucknow, it is said to be Asia’s largest garden. The park attracts tourists and locals, as it has numerous recreational options.

From series of cycling, jogging and walkways are built in the park to fresh water lake, lagoons and marshy lands. You can enjoy boating, watching migrated birds, cycling along the tracks or simply treating your eyes with the mystic charm of the park. Favorite picnic destination, Janeshwar Mishra Park offers ultimate fun.

6. Lucknow Zoo

Zoo is one place you wouldn’t like to miss in Lucknow. Also, known as Nawab Wazid Ali Shah Prani Udyan, the zoo houses a variety of animals like lions, royal bengal tiger, white tiger, deer, snakes, giraffe, chimpanzees etc. It also has an aquarium with variety of fishes.

The other attractions are boating area, toy train, museum, crocodiles, alligators and ostrich. A fun place to visit especially for kids.

7. Hazratganj

Hazratganj, the central shopping area of Lucknow was modelled after London’s Queen Street by Britishers. In 2010, Hazratganj underwent a great makeover and continues to serve as Lucknow’s central shopping arcade.

‘Ganjing’ is a term used to describe ambling and shopping in the wide lanes and by lanes of the market. You can hit this Victorian style market to take along with you some royal work of chikankari and try Lucknowi delicacies from various eateries in Hazratganj.

8. Gomti River Front

One of the recent developments in Lucknow is the mesmerizing view of Gomti River front. When in Lucknow you just can’t miss hitting this place. Situated at bank of Gomti River in Gomti Nagar, this place is surely a place to rejuvenate.

You can witness musical fountain shows, walk along the pavements, or enjoy a ride on river buss. The place is abuzz with youngsters and families spending quality time. You will also spot various snack vendors in the park and food trucks in the vicinity to quench your hunger pangs.

9. Aminabad

One of the oldest markets in India, Aminabad is situated at the heart of Lucknow. The market that has been in existence since Nawab era, is one of the most sought-after shopping destinations in Lucknow. From mesmerizing chikankaari to ethnic attires, the market is known for selling assortment of regular knick-knacks.

All you need to know is bargaining, and you are surely going to have a gala time in Aminabad. What makes the visit to Aminabad more desirable is the Nawabi eateries like ‘Tundey Kebabi’ and ‘Praksh ki Kulfi’.

10. Tundey Kebabs:

The land of nawabs and awadhi cuisine, Lucknow is a total foodie’s paradise. Though you can find a variety of non-vegetarian delicacies, Tundey Kebabs is simply irresistible. Made by using over 100 spices, this royal kebab will literally melt in your mouth.

Tundey Kebabs has an interesting story behind it’s unique name. Tundey literally means handicapped, and the person who made these delicious kebabs was a handicap. Thus, the mouthwatering kebabs came to be known as Tundey Kebabs. To enjoy the authentic flavour, make sure you eat the original Tundey as there are many outlets with the same name in Lucknow.

Planning to visit Lucknow anytime soon. Don’t miss to hit these places and you will surely take home some awesome memories.

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