15 Interesting Facts about Agra Fort that get you a view of Mughal Era

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Agra is known for its Mughal architectures. Besides Taj Mahal another important monument in the city is the Agra Fort. It is one of the finest Mughal Forts in India and you just can’t miss visiting Agra Fort if you happen to visit Agra.

Well before you plan your trip, here we tell you someone interesting facts about Agra fort that you will surely find exciting.

Here we go…

1. This Mughal Fort has stayed with three dynasties and we will tell you how. Ibrahim Lodhi lost the fort in Battle of Panipat and Babur took over. Mughals fought a battle with Sher Shah Suri and he won this taking over the fort. Later Akbar won the second battle of Panipat and took the fort back.

2. When Akbar won the battle and took over Agra Fort, he was informed by his        historian that the place is called ‘Badlagarh’. It was Akbar who got the fort            redesigned and constructed.

3. It took the Agra Fort eight years to get reconstructed. More than 1,444,000 builders worked on it.The fort was reconstructed using finest red sandstones. Also, the walls of the wall were built as high as 70 feet.

4. Before Akbar got the fort reconstructed it into giant fort, it was considered only a military structure located at strategic location. Later Akbar’s son Shah Jahan transformed the fort into a palace.

5. Shah Jahan had a fantasy for white marbles. So, when he took over the fort he got it redesigned using marbles and therefore all modern construction in the fort is done with white marbles.

6. Agra Fort is the place where Shah Jahan was imprisoned for eight years by his  son Aurangzeb. He was imprisoned in an octagonal tower in the fort known as Mussamman Burj.

7. Agra Fort was inspired by the Rajput Fort in Gwalior built by Raja Man Singh Tomar in 1500. Later Agra Fort served as in inspiration for the Red Fort in Delhi.

 8. The famous Kohinoor diamond was embedded in Shah Jahan’s peacock throne which was kept in Agra Fort. Thus, the fort was looted several times by various dynasties to weaken the Mughal power and rob the Kohinoor diamond.

 9. It was Nadir Shah, a Persian ruler who attacked the throne and looted the Kohinoor diamond and took it to Persia. Not to mention this finally landed in the hands of British.

10. In 2004 the Agra Fort won the Aga Khan Award for its architectural brilliance. There are several monuments in India have been inspired by buildings at Agra Fort.

11. ‘Sherlock Holmes Mystery’ penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle finds mention of Agra Fort. The episode that features Agra Fort is ‘The Sign of the Four’. 

12. Agra Fort houses a mosque which was exclusively made by Shah Jahan for ladies to offer prayers. It’s called the Ngina Masjid.

13.Agra Fort houses a Jodha Bai palace and Taj Mahal can been seen through this palace from slits in the walls.

14. Khas Mahal in Agra Fort was constructed to welcome dignitaries who came to the palace in the reign of Akbar and Shah Jahan. It has served as an inspiration in reality to Diwan-e-khas in Red Fort, Delhi .

15. Sheesh Mahal is said to be another lavish section of the Agra Fort. It is made of Belgian glasses, though it is closed for the visitors. It is believed that lighting a candle on one corner of the Sheesh Mahal could light up the entire hall. Isn’t it one of the amazing facts about Agra fort ?

If you know more unique facts about Agra fort, let us know in the comments below.


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