Have you spot our City of Love in these Hollywood Movies?

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It is always a pleasure watching Bollywood stars doing a romance or an action sequel at an exotic location. But the excitement of spotting our very own nation in Hollywood is simply unbeatable!

Agraites, you too can flaunt your city as part of some amazing Hollywood movies, and here goes the list:

Million Dollar Arm

The movie is based on a story of a sports agent trying to hunt talented Indian cricket players for Major League Baseball in the US. It was shot majorly in Indian cities. Watch it today if you haven’t and catch a scene showing our city of Love in it.


The namesake

The movie features a subtle story of a novel by Jhumpa Lahiri. The story revolves around a young couple and their two kids. The couple after having an arranged marriage move to New York, and then begins their discovery of each other, the new nation and bring up two children. The story later on shifts its focus on their son. You can spot many scenes shot at the Taj Mahal in the movie.


Slumdog Millionaire

Here comes another reason for Agraites to take pride in! The Slumdog Millionaire, an Oscar winning movie based on story of an Indian slum boy who comes across the truth of life living on streets, shows a glimpse of Agra in few of its scenes.



The flick is one of the productions of the famous James Bond series. A part of it is shot in India, many scenes of which are played in Agra.


The Delhi Way

As the name shows, it is a documentary based on the life in Delhi but has some scenes shot in Agra too.

So, the next time you are on binge-watching, don’t miss these flicks and rejoice catching a sight of your city in Hollywood.

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