7 Most Delicious Street Foods from Agra Everyone Should Try

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A huge aspect of the City of Love ‘Agra’ is the culinary experience the city offers. It’s not just Taj Mahal that delights the tourists, but the lip-smacking street food the city has to offer.

If you are foodie, you just can’t miss this list of Agra’s street foods. We bet you, the street food from the ‘city of love’ will leave your taste buds incredibly satisfied.

1. Bedai Sabzi

Agra’s mornings start with Bedai Sabzi and it indeed is the best thing you can have in the city for breakfast. The crispy and flavorsome dish similar to kachori served with spicy Aloo Sabzi, is something you just can’t afford to miss. Take a dig into Jalebi once you are done to complete your meal.

2. Aloo Bhalla

The fried potato balls dumped in sweet and spicy chutney combines with chickpea curry and spices to make the most delicious Aloo Bhalla also known as Aloo Tikki, you will ever have. To get the best taste you must hit the famous Chaat Gali in Agra.

3. Dalmoth

Rejoice your taste buds with spicy Dalmoth Agra has to offer. There can be no better partner for your cup of tea, than this snack. Made with roasted lentils, fried potatoes, nuts and spices is one of the most favorite snacks among residents of the city.

4. Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri is one of the prized possession of Chaat Gali in Agra. The savoury snack made from puffed rice and tangy chutneys will leave your taste buds enthralled. The Kela Ji Bhelpuri Corner at Sadar Bazaar is undoubtedly the best place to treat yourself with tasty bhelpuri in town.

5. Paratha

Agra has its own version of Parathas and it certainly is a sinful food. You can savor some deep-fried parathas in Agra, that are served at Ram Babu Paratha Bhandaar. These crispy parathas are served with lip-smacking vegetable curries and you are definitely going to love it.

6. Chicken Frankie

Mama Franky house is synonymous to Frankie in Agra and is favorite hangout destination of the young in Agra. Packed with dynamic flavors the frankie will surely tickle your taste buds. A must try snack if you are in Agra.

7. Petha

Do we really need to say Agra is known for its ultimate Pethas! This world renowned sweet is available in vast variety and tastes heavenly. You can pick from Kesar Petha, Pan petha, Gulab Laddu, Kesar Petha and much more.

This drooling list of Agra’s special delicacies is enough to make you come out your houses and hit on your favorite snack; and those who are planning to visit Agra, I am sure this list will come handy.

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