7 places to hit in Lucknow if ‘Chocolate’ is your drug

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For me, anything is good if it’s made of chocolate. After all, who doesn’t love chocolates? If chocolate is your thing than I am pretty sure whether it’s a cake, ice-cream or a freak shake you end up going for the yummilicious chocolate flavor. So we decided to bring for you a list of places that you just can’t afford to miss if ‘Chocolate’

Let’s check out:

1. The Chocolate Room

You ought to stop by this heavenly abode for chocolate lovers. This nicely done café brings for you an array of chocolate dipped delicacies that you can swear by. The chocolaty frappes, sundaes, waffles, pancakes, cakes, and fondue the place serves it all.  The hot chocolate, chocolate bomb, waffles and chocolate fondue is a must try.

Location: Fourth Floor, Saharaganj Mall, Hazratganj

2. Chocolate Heaven

Soothe your eyes and soul with chocolaty treats at this cafe. Being the first chocolate theme cafe in Lucknow the place is definitely a hit among chocolate lovers. Their Chocolate mudpot freakshake will leave you enthralled with its presentation and tastes equally divine. Besides, hit on sizzlers brownie, chocolate waffles, monster brownie, chocolate fondue and chocolate lava sundae.

Location: 3/553, Vivek Khand, Opposite Aryans, Gomti Nagar.

3. Mocha

Mocha is known for its Continental and Italian delights but when it comes to desserts you can vouch for the place for some incredibly delicious chocolate treats. You just can’t miss their Chocolate Avalanche, a platter with chocolate mousse, chocolate brownie, chocolate fudge and chocolate truffle topped with chocolate ice-cream. Also, try Mocha Lava-Lava, cheese filled chocolate brownies; the cupcakes with chocolate frosting and chocolate filled freak shakes.

Location: CP-1, 2nd Floor, Anand Plaza, Viram Khand-1, Patrakarpuram, Gomti Nagar

4. Frozen Junction

From Chocolate Waffles with white chocolate to Choco Nigga freak shakes; this dessert parlor comes with an array of chocolate delicacies to choose from. Indulge in chocolate ice-cream rolls, hot chocolate, walnut brownie, chocolate mint shakes and chocolate frappe to satiate your chocolate cravings.

Location: 2/60, Viram Khand, Near Patrakarpuram Crossing Gomti Nagar

5. Walnut

Brownie Delight – a sizzling hot brownie with Vanilla Ice cream or Sun and Moon – a dark chocolate pastry with vanilla ice-cream, Walnut offers chocolaty delicacies you just can’t eat just once. The delicious chocolate cakes like almond choco almond, choco walnut or choco orange or coolers like Choco Wocco Shake and Chocolate Fudge Sundae this dessert parlor is full of exciting servings for chocolate lovers. 

Location: 2/3, Park Road, Hazratganj

6. Dezzerts

Another dessert parlor is Lucknow that comes with great options for chocolate lovers. Amid various dessert options the chocolate lovers and pick from some seriously delicious chocolaty delights. Death by chocolate is one popular dish they serve. You must also try their hot chocolate fudge, walnut brownie, chocolate truffle and Bulls Eye pastry that come with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Location: 510-A, TG New Civil Lines, RBL Road, New Hyderabad, Mahanagar

7. Nainital Momos

Well before you doubt what Nainital Momos is doing in this list of chocolaty treats, let me tell you this momos center offers chocolate in a unique way. You guessed it right; the place serves delicious chocolate momos. A fusion food indeed, these chocolate momos is a go for dessert after a round of spicy momos.

Location: 1/340, Viram Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

I am sure by now you have already made a list of chocolaty desserts you want to dig in. What are you waiting for? Hit your favorite place.

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