7 Places to hit for mouthwatering ‘Agra ki Chaat’

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Every day Agra attracts thousands of people towards its rich monumental and cultural beauty. But the city is not only famous for its mesmerizing monuments but also for the street food that this city offers. We list you some of the places where you can get best chaat in Agra.

Foodies from all over the country head towards the city to quench their thirst of something spicy and delicious. The street food all over the city is very delicious and huge amount of varieties are also available. The famous street food of the city includes: bedai and jalebi, paratha, chaat, dalmoth etc.

Out of so many options available, the ‘Chaat’ of Agra is a thing which can really satisfy even the craziest foodie. Let’s now have a look at some of most famous places in Agra for the best chaat ever:

  1. Agra Chaat House

This is the most famous name in the field of chaat in Agra. Situated at the famous Sadar Bazaar of Agra, this shop offers a huge no. of option that it will surely spoil you for choices. The list starts from aloo tikki, dahi bhalla, pani puri, dahi tikki and what not. Your list of ‘best chaat’ is incomplete if you haven’t tasted the chaat of this shop.

  1. Bhagat Halwai

These famous names, which have six different branches in Agra serves some of the best chaat of the city. Its first shop was started 260 years ago at the Belanganj area of the city. Now it has 2 restaurants, 6 sweets shop, and 6 chaat corners. The soft and delicious dahi bhalla, aloo tikki and gol gappe are the speciality of this very old shop. It offers many options of sweets and chaats which can satisfy any of the craziest foodie.

  1. GMB Sweets

GMB sweets is also a very big and popular name in this field. Along with many varieties of sweets, the shop also offers some of the best chaat in the city. You cannot miss this chaat is you are really a very big food lover. Raj Kachori and Lacchha Tokri are the two dishes for which this shop is most famous for.

  1. Shri Agarwal Chat House

It is another chaat corner from Chaat gali in Sadar Bazaar. This shop is also very old and offers some great street food in Agra. The ‘dahi gunjia’ is the speciality of the shop and other options are also available. It not only has chaat but also serves some great fast food including burgers and veg rolls.

  1. Chaat Chowpati

Located at the Kamla Nagar, this small shop attracts most of the crowd of the area. Options starting from aloo tikki to raj kachauri to dahi bhalla, the chaat chowpati have mastered the art of street food. Too many chaats and fast food options make this shop a favourite spot for many chaat lovers.

  1. Fruck

Fruck is a food truck near Khandari crossing in Agra. This innovative shop serves many chaat and other fast food. The chef and the owner do many experiments with their dishes, which makes this truck stand apart from all the other shops. Serving the aloo tikki chaat in burger buns is an innovative and you will enjoy all such things at the Fruck. Although, the dishes are expensive than most of the other options available in the market but the taste always dominates and makes Fruck so much successful.

  1. Sri Dauji Mishthan Bhandar

This chaat corner is somewhat at the expensive side. But as said earlier the taste can overcome any expense. The varieties and the taste of the food served here is something that makes it so special. Basket chaat, bhel puri, dahi bhalla chaat are some of the dishes which are its specialities. You can have some quality food and here and can satisfy your all desires for chaat.

So, here are the best 7 options on the streets  where you can hit for the best chaat in Agra. Although, there are many more chaat corners in the city which are also good but the above listed ones can give you all the options and won’t disappoint you even for one sec.    

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