7 Places in Lucknow for mouthwatering Burgers

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If FOOD is your bae, then you have a reason to celebrate. As we would be celebrating Burger Day tomorrow, here I bring for you a list of most tempting Burgers from Lucknow.

Here we go,

1. Red Hot Peri-Peri Burger

Place: Vintage Machine

They say, we eat through our eyes. This tempting burger tastes as exotic as its looks. The burger comes in cottage cheese and chicken variant and is definitely drool worthy.

2. OMG Burger 

Place: Mocha

Mocha is one café in town that never disappoints us. Among various burgers offered by the café the Mocha OMG Burger is must try. Made with fresh buns that are prepared in-house, this double chicken burger is served with salad and fries.

3. Double Decker Burger

Place: Free Spirit

Quench your hunger pangs with delectable Double Decker Burger at Free Spirit. This double patty burger comes in vegetarian as well as chicken variant. Trust me the patty and cheese will melt your heart.

4. Peri Peri Chicken Burger

Place: The Secret Barn

The Secret Barn café offers delicious Chicken Burgers. Made with grilled chicken breast marinated in peri-peri sauce for at least 3 hours, the burger is served with a slice of cow cheese on top to enhance flavours.

5. Mutton Burger

Place: Peddlers

Situated at Hazratganj, the café offers Mutton Burger that is one of its kind. The café says that it’s not them who claim their burger is awesome but their customers say so.

6. Smoked Burger

Place: Chemistry Café

Chemistry café brings for you smoked burgers that tastes great. The burger comes in both veg and chicken variant. You ought to try the chemistry of smoked burger at Chemistry Café.

7. Extra Cheese Burger

Place: Mr. Brown


Mr. Brown burgers have special place in heart of every Lucknowite. This special burger with Aalo patty and Cheese slice taste awesome. If you want to save on cheese, go for Aalo patty burger that tastes equally good. 

I am sure you are you are going to hit one of these places tomorrow. Don’t forget to tell them about us.

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