7 Types of mouthwatering Kebabs to try in Lucknow

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Lucknow is famous for two words kebabs and nawabs!! Our city is well known for its Awadhi cuisine ranging from Lucknowi biryani to the world famous Galauti Kebabs made so popular by Tunday Kebabi, that it is on every non-vegetarian lover’s list!

Kebabs are the perfect party snacks for every Lucknowite, the smokey, char-grilled aroma and melt-in-mouth texture can easily get anyone hooked.
So, let’s check the different varieties of kebabs that are made in City of Nawabs!!

1.Galouti Kebab

One of Lucknow’s most famous dishes that has been interwoven with the history of the place is the “Galouti Kebab”. The word ‘galouti’ meaning “the thing that melts in the mouth” and that’s what it does; galaouti kebabs are so soft, they melt in the mouth. Tunday Kebabi at Aminabad and Chowk is a must go place if you want such mouth melting kebabs.

2.Ghutwa Kebab

Ghutwa Kebab has long been considered a piece de resistance in the Awadhi dastarkhwan. Introduced by the Shia Nawabs of Awadh, it was originally prepared from mutton mince in Lagan. The mince for the kebab comes from the raan ki machhli (tendon of the leg of mutton) much like the galawat kebab.

3.Pasanda Kebab

Made from thin layers of mutton after marinating with papaya, it is barbequed on a coal fire grill. The mutton pasanda is served with chaat masala, which gives it a heavenly flavor. Don’t forget to eat it along with onions and lemon.

4.Shami Kebab

Famous for hard and soft combinations as its give you nice hard texture outside and from inside just like soft as unfrozen butter. Our shami kebabs are one of the best in India , made from good and delicious meat dumplings and mixed with chane ki dal. Must have if you are in City of Nawabs.

5.Boti Kebab

Delicious, melt-in-the mouth kebabs which are not really in the shape of kebabs. It’s a paste of minced meat deliciously flavored and tossed with spices before serving. Boti Kebab is one finger-licking starter you should definitely not miss! A popular Mughlai recipe, this is one of the many famous kebabs that Lucknow has to offer.

6.Seekh Kebab

Seekh Kebab is one of the most famous dishes of Awadhi cuisine and is known for its soft texture and aroma. It is roasted in skewers and served with Sheermal or as Starters. Don’t forget Green Chutney along with it.

7.Gola Kebab

Gola a kind of rolled meat ball, the shape of the kebab resembles to that of the cannons or ‘gola’s , that is why it is named gola kebab. Gola kebabs can be pan fried in a very little oil or can be grilled on charcoal or even baked and broiled in an oven. Its famous for its incredible softness and melt-in- mouth kind flavor.

I am sure you are already tempted to eat these scrumptious kebabs, stop reading and head to order your favorite among these.

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