8 Lucknowi Desserts To Drool Over!

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You really don’t need a reason to dig into your favorite sweet, but we Indians prefer to find a reason to satisfy our sweet tooth. Be it any special occasion, wedding bells, festivals, a new job, or you just finished a sumptuous meal, all you need is a dose of desserts to make you feel full. 

Lucknow may be known for kebabs and nihari, but you can’t underestimate the sweetness it offers.
Here we list for you 7 desserts the city has to offer. ‘Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye’!

1. Revdi

‘Lucknow ki Revdi’ is famous worldwide. Made from the humble winter staple, til (sesame seeds), Revadi is a healthy sweet snack. Available in variety of flavors, you can easily get them across Lucknow. However, for authentic Lucknowi taste, prefer buying them near Charbagh Railway Station and don’t miss to try some ‘Rose Revdi’.

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2. Makhan Malai

The chilled morning of winters offers a most delicious makhan malai. Available in early mornings in the Chowk area, this mouthwatering dessert has actual dewdrops as the secret ingredient. Creamy, light, smooth, and absolutely delectable, makhan malai immediately melts in your mouth.

3. Prakash Kulfi Falooda

Lucknow food will never disappoint the ones with a sweet tooth. One of the major competition in desserts is Prakash ki Kulfi in Aminabad. Located near Tundey Kababi, and offers the most delectable kulfi falooda you will ever find. Stuffed with lot of almonds and pistachio, the taste of this Lucknowi dessert is irresistible. You can also get sugar free kulfi by placing orders in advance.

4. Gulabi Chai

Does that sound weird to you? Well, yes Lucknow serves Gulabi Chai, a unique tea flavored with saffron, elaichi and kewra giving the Nawabi feel. You will not find this wonderfully delicious chai anywhere else in India. You just skip trying it during Eid, when it is served at Nakhas market at night with hot imarti. Yummilicious! Isn’t it?

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5. Pandit Raja Thandai

What can be better than a glass of chilled Thandai on a hot summer day. When in Lucknow, do not forget to stop by ‘Pandit Raja Thandai ki Mashoor Thandai’ shop at Gol Darwaza, Chowk. Made with a range of ingredients like milk, kesar, badam, kaju, pista, white pepper, choti elaichi and saunf, the delicious drink will certainly cool your senses. A secret masala made up of herbs also goes in the thandai, which was prepared by the founder of the shop. The shop is now operated by the fourth generation.

6. Shree Lassi Corner

Another drink to sooth yourself in summers is a glass full of refreshing Lassi. Though, lassi is something you can find all across the city, but if you want to enjoy best lassi then visit Shri Lassi Corner in Chowk. It is the one of the oldest shop in the city and what makes their lassi special is the thick cream layer, top with dry fruits. Also, try chole bhature at Shree and you won’t regret it.

7. Ram Ashrey ki Malai Gilori

Ram Ashrey is malai gilori is absolutely drool-worthy. The shop located in Hazratganj offers delicately sweet mishri encased in paper thin malai with a hint of rose water and kewra that immediately melts in mouth. Also, known as Balai Ki Gilori, it has a very unique preparation. While, malai gilori found in other parts of the country is stuffed with khoya and dry fruits, the Lakhnawi Malai Paan only has mishri and some dry fruits.

8. Shahi Tukda

Lucknow Shahi Tukda is a delight to have for dessert lovers. Originated in Lucknow, it is a bread pudding dessert of fried bread slices soaked in hot milk with saffron and cardamom. For the most authentic taste of this delectable desert try them at  popular restaurants like Dastarkhwan, Zaika, and Tunday Kebabi.

I am sure you can’t wait more to try all of these delicious sweets. If you think we forgot to mention any of the famous desserts of Lucknow, do let us know in the comments below.

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