A ‘Robot’ to welcome guests at Jaipur Wax Museum

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Technology is overpowering humans like never before and every other we can hear of some new technological advancement. In a similar initiative, Rajasthan’s famous Wax Museum Jaipur is all set to introduce a ‘ROBOT’ to welcome guests at the museum and also serve as their guide.

Anoop Srivastava, the founder-director of the museum, said ”the robot will soon welcome visitors and offer them information about the museum like a ‘well-qualified guide’.

The Robot Guide.

”I always wished to establish innovative elements to the museum. Because it is extremely important to dazzle and involve the public. We live in a technology-driven world where everyone looks out for something new and different,” he said.

“We had been working on the ‘robotic guide’ concept for a year. The 5-feet-10-inches tall robot will communicate with people in English but we will refurbish the software to include the Hindi language,” Srivastava said, adding it is in the final phase of making.

Talking about the robot, the museum director said it could rotate its head by 28 degrees. It show to its visitor’s various exhibits with its hands. “We are also working on the advanced stages wherein the robot will recognize faces, images and other robots. The ‘smart’ robots will welcome the visitors, sing songs and interact with them,” Srivastava said.

 There are still plans to fit a 7-inch TV screen on the chest of the robot which would reflect whatever it would be saying.

This robot welcomes guests, can sing songs, have a loud-voiced dialogue with guests and have pre-recorded voice programming dialogues, too. The chest screen installed on the robot is a 7-inch touch capacitive screen.

The museum showcases wax and silicon statues of personalities like Maharana Pratap, Sachin Tendulkar and many other jaipur rulers.

Wax Museum Jaipur has been added up to the beauty of Jaipur and it is a must visit tourist attraction.

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