About Us

When we talk of Agra, we don’t think beyond Taj Mahal; talking of Banaras makes us think about surreal Ganga Ghats, say Gurgaon and all we think of is glistening Cyber City. We introduce you to The City Bytes which is a combination of the cities where a city is more than what it is popularly ‘known for’. 

We strongly believe that it’s time we look beyond what a city is ‘known for’ and discover all that is left ‘unexplored’. Our idea is that to reinvent the way people explore a city. We are The City Bytes.

We are a team of young at heart Indians, who have grown up in cities that are often called Tier-2 cities in India. For many our cities are merely a small dot on the World Map, but for us it is an emotion. We have known our cities for its essence; it’s food, it’s culture, the slangs and lingo that binds its citizens into one. No matter how far we go from the city we have always lived in, the city remains in our heart.

The City Bytes is an attempt to cherish these memories and connect you with your cities. Our cities are emerging like never before and they definitely need some talking.

Agra is not just about the Taj Mahal, Assi Ghat in Banaras, does not mean ‘80’s Ghats’.

We have had enough of Mumbai’s street food, Delhi’s cafés and Pune’s Bakery; It’s time to drool over Agra ka Petha, Lucknow ke Kebab, Jaipur ki Pyaz Kachori and Banarsi Paan.

So, we will be talking about some relatable and interesting stories from within the cities, encompassing travel & lifestyle, food & drinks, fashion & beauty, youth & career, current events & opinions, music & culture, shopping & market and what not.

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It’s an attempt to redefine your city, from our spectacles.

We are The City Bytes!