Agra: A Future Smart City

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The most ambitious mission of the Central Government in the recent time is the ‘Smart City’ mission. The target was to develop 100 smart cities all over the country within a time period of five years. With a whooping amount of Rs.50,000 crores, this project has to be completed by 2022.

Under the project, all the selected cities will be provided with better living standard and all the needs of the common man will be fulfilled. Rich infrastructure, public transport, healthcare services, education system, Wi-Fi connectivity, 24×7 electricity and water supply etc. are some of the many perks of this massive project. The third list of this project came out with lots of happiness and joy for the Tajians. Agra made its name to the third list of this project along with 26 other cities from all over the country. After over a year’s delay, the city has received its fund from the government and work has started on some of the major projects.

The whole project is divided into two parts, the first part in which all the monuments in the city and the area around them will be covered and the second part in which the rest of the city’s makeover will be done. It is a huge and dream project for this historical city and all the officials related to it are working very hard to make this a great success.

Now, let’s see some of the major projects under the mission ‘smart city’:

  • Enhancing experience of accessing

With the increase in the population, it is the most important need of any future city. A better travelling system helps every person access the city according to their needs. The major highlights of the project are improvement west, east and south gate corridors, underground cabling, landscaping, CCTVs and much more. Landscapes and the footpaths will help the pedestrians to access the whole city comfortably. The CCTVs and fire fighting systems will help reduce and crime and any other emergency in the city.

  • Development of Mughal Museum

Mughal Museum will play a very important role in presenting the political and cultural milestones of the Mughal era. It will be constructed near the eastern gate of the Taj Mahal. The whole campus will consist of a museum, an auditorium and an underground parking facility. This will be a great source of knowledge to the visitors and will present a great and rich history of the Mughals.

  • 24×7 Water and Power Supply

One of the major difficulties that every person faces in this country is the shortage of both water and electricity. People are tired of frequent power cuts and water unfit for drinking. These problems will be solved completely in the future smart cities. For better water supply, rain water harvesting pits will be made and river water will be processed before supply to the houses. To overcome the power cut problem the solar panels will be installed and underground lining will be constructed.

  • Waste management and Sewerage network

The other main project the waste management and improved sewer network. The daily hygiene of an individual helps him a lot to attain a better health. Keeping this thing in mind, a proper waste management network will be constructed. Under this smart waste bins, construction of individual and community toilets, construction of recycle and bring back centres, laying of sewer lines and many more other projects will be taken into consideration.

  • Social Infrastructure and Safety

A better infrastructure and safety plays an important part in adding pure gems to the reputation of the city. Under this major project, many promising measures will be taken and some of them are conversion of street lights into LED, SHE centre, solar panels in hotels, houses, educational institutes and street lights, CCTVs, smart police kiosk and much more.

  • Provision of tourist and mobility facilities

Agra is a major tourist destination and to improve the quality of tourism in the city, the smart city model proposes some of the most important projects. Some of them are construction of Wi-Fi spots, tourist kiosks, public e-toilets, corridor connecting Agra and Taj Mahal, international café, tourism heritage walks, smart multi-level car parking facility and smart advertisement screens mounted on street light poles.

  • Smart Public Transport System

To control pollution, we need to have a smart way of controlling traffic in a city. With this thing in mind, the following transport system has to be installed in coming future, 30 low floor mini buses, 20 hybrid AC buses, ONE AGRA mobility app, common mobility card, smart signalling system, variable message signboards and police signs, etc.

All the above projects are very promising and will help fight the problems coming in the future. Although the construction has been delayed for over a year but now the things have started taking their shapes and let’s hope the things finish in time so that Agra can set one more milestone in its great journey.

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