Anandajit Goswami Secures Second-Runner Up at The LIT Digital Awards 2020

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“I felt like docked after being in quarantine in a sailing ship” – that’s Dr. Anandajit Goswami for you all. A stoic, quirky individual who always comes back to you with surprises. While his book –  Pink Gender, The Extended was crossing one milestone or the other from top 20 to top 10 in the Lit Digital Awards of 2020 organized by LiterMirror and finally in the top 3 as a second runner up, every time he was informed, we only got a response – “Okay” with no sense of excitement in his voice.
Maybe this sense of indifference about being swayed away is what makes him grounded. May be due to that reason, Dr. Goswami who on one hand is heading the Department of Social and Political Studies of Faculty of Behavioral and Social Studies of Manav Rachna International Institute of Research Studies,  when asked to write for Literary Mirror contributes a column by blending Buddhism, dystopia, spirituality, and sustainability.
A doyen of multiple crafts who is humble, extremely grounded, deeply involved in social activism, sports, music has a repertoire of pleasing surprises for readers and all of us. Sometimes he is restless with his expressions, ideas in his books highlighting social dramas, dystopian science fiction. Whereas when other authors are overwhelmed with an award, he is completely submerged in his craft of music, scholarship reading,  teaching, and other public activism while others are celebrating his success. A human being who is simple but also quite often a labyrinth-like his layered cryptic verses. Maybe it is out of this multiplicity his literature is born in the continuum of his journey of quantum identities.

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