Beat The Summer Heat In Jaipur With These Delicious Summer Coolers !

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The Summers have come along to our city, Jaipur. Won’t we agree that summers are the best time where we all can get hydrated and have loads of fun in the pool but its always missing something? that’s right a non-alcoholic beverage to alleviate that thirst. Summers with them, bring the perfect excuse to indulge in refreshing, cool and healthy drinks. So in this sweltering heat, quench your thirst with our delicious, non-alcoholic and fruit-filled summer drinks.
So, beat the summer sweat with these summer beverages in Jaipur:-

1. Lassi at Lassiwaala
Sweet lassi is a delicious summer drink that, if taken when the sun is at its zenith, keeps you cool, It is also fortified with its protein and calcium content which makes it the best. You can make sweet lassi in a variety of different ways using the same basic curd stock. There are many varieties, but most are sweetened or salted; the former is blended with curd or fruit (such as mango) or is whisked with sugar, while the latter is blended with salt or spices, cumin or cardamom. Lassi is the favored drink in most parts of Jaipur hence it comes first on my list.

2. Kulfi Faluda
Sweet, refreshing, smooth, cool, crunchy, velvety, it engages the palate on many levels and is the perfect antidote to a summer day. Yes, that’s right the Kulfi Faluda. The Faluda is a dessert disguised as a drink. It is a felicitous coupling of silky vermicelli noodles with ice cream or crushed ice. It is steeped in a colorful bath of rose and khus syrup, with nuts sprinkled all over. Nothing can be better than having it from the best place which is Pandit Kulfi.

3. Cold coffee at statue circle
Down on street level, summer begins on the first humid sun-streaked day, when even the thought of sipping a hot cup of coffee is too much to bear. It’s as if, birds know when to migrate, we wake up one bright morning and agree that it’s iced coffee season and know summer has descended upon us. You cannot go without relinquishing the taste of cold coffee especially with chocolate and vanilla ice-cream on top.

4. Ice cream
The cold dessert treat which gives you a nostalgic feeling of your childhood moments do bring a tear to our eyes for a change. In the years before air conditioning could be taken for granted, ice cream was not just a tasty treat it was pure luxury. Having ice cream from the famous Jal Mahal Ice-Cream Parlor would be an awesome treat for your taste buds.

5. Aam Panna
The yellowish-green summer drink comprises raw mango pulp, which is blended with cumin, cardamom powder, and mint leaves. This green mango drink doesn’t just help with digestion issues but also heals blood disorders, gastric disorders, and diabetes. It prevents the loss of body salts, which is just what you need in summers. So guzzle down lots of this drink.

6. Nimbu paani or Shikanji
Call it whatever you may lemon water or the Indian lemonade, but shikanji or nimbu paani has always been the best of all summer drinks. Traditionally made with water, lemon, and salt, it also includes ingredients like ginger juice, sugar, and cumin at times. Not only does this drink keep the body’s energy level up and hydrate us, but it also helps cure indigestion and those are just some of the reasons why you should have shikanji every day during summers.

Hoping this article brings in the picture I wanted to depict. If you know any other summer beverages in Jaipur you can list them in the comments below.

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