Beautiful Handicrafts from Agra that you must own!

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A visit to Agra is incomplete without witnessing the grandeur of Taj Mahal as well as Agra handicrafts. You definitely cannot afford to miss in Agra i.e. taking home the beautiful artifacts the city is known for.

Here we tell you about the famous handicrafts from Taj Nagri that you must buy as a cherished memory of Agra’s handicrafts.


Paccihikari is the inlay of semi-precious stones in marble and this art is one unique art amongst Agra Handicrafts. This art is inspired by Pietra Dura work done in Taj Mahal and has Persian influence. The inlay work is so intricate that the patterns seem to have grown out of marble. The marble is finely carved out to embed the delicate stones shaped into floral patterns.

The master craftsman gives shape to stones and others help him to embed it on marble. Any gap left is filled with white cement. The designs are majorly delicate floral patterns like petals, leaves and stems that enhances the beauty of this piece of craft.

Marble CarvingThe epitome of beauty Taj Mahal is the biggest example of Marble Carving work in Agra. You can still find artisans carving miniature Taj Mahal out of marble which you can certainly buy as a souvenir of the city of love.

However, the major marble carving work consists of the intricately carved jaalis used in monuments, temples etc. The marble is carved into jaalis with geometrical patterns and intertwined with floral motifs. Also, you will find idols; mirror frames and flowers carved out of marble that are significantly used for decor purposes.

Stone Carving

Stone carving is another amongst popular Agra handicrafts. Very soft stones are used to carve jaalis, idols and miniature decor articles. This craft is quite similar to that of marble carving. The soft stones are boiled overnight and then waxed. Next the design is craved into the stone.

Many stone idols are also painted and ornamented with gold leaf overlay to enhance their beauty. This handicraft is also popular in other parts of Uttar Pradesh including Vrindhavan, Mathura and Varanasi.

Knotted Carpets

Agra handcrafts is well known for its carpet work. From the basic knotted carpets to the hand embroidered jewel carpets. The carpet work in Agra is also influenced from Persia.

The artisans of Agra have inherited the skill from Persian craftsmen who were invited by Emperor Akbar for workshop in Agra. The patterns made on carpet are in classic Persian style however, pashmina has been replaced by wool and silk on cotton foundation.

Leather Work

Agra is famous for its leather industry. However, before machines were introduced it was the leather craftsmen who made shoes, bags and other leather articles. The leather work started in Agra during the reign of Mughal Emperor Humayun. It flourished in the rule of Akbar who made it compulsory for the soldiers to wear shoes. No matter the factory and industries have taken over a big chunk of leather craft in Agra. One can still find leather handicrafts like bags, pouches, bands, jootis etc in Agra.

The beautiful city of Agra is home to some extremely beautiful Agra handicrafts and you just can’t miss picking them on your next visit.

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