Beautiful Handicrafts from Jaipur that you must own!

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A visit to Jaipur is not complete without shopping the colorful handicrafts of Jaipur. The vibrant state of Rajasthan has so much to showcase when it comes to art and handicraft and Jaipur definitely finds a special mention. Among various Handicraft products you will come across.

we list for you the most integral Handicrafts of Jaipur:

Blue Pottery

You just can’t take your eyes off from this widely recognized traditional handicraft of Jaipur. A vibrant blue dye is used to color this porcelain clay pottery and it’s where the ‘Blue Pottery’ got its name from. The distinct feature of Blue Pottery is that it’s decorated with bird and animal motif. The range of items is primarily decorative and includes pieces of art like flower vases, lamps, coasters, saucers, bowls, ashtray among others. The blue pottery artifacts can be often spotted interiors of luxury hotels and homes.

Lac Bangles

Lac bangles are the ornament of delight; these colorful bangles embellished with stones and sequins, comes with intricate detailing by master craftsmen. Jaipur is the center of Lac work and the most famous areas for manufacturing of Lac Bangles are Maniharon Ka Rasta and Tripolia Bazaar. The bangles come in various colors and these colors signify the occasions the bangles are traditionally worn by locals. However, for tourists grabbing these gorgeous bangles, each color seems to be equally beautiful.


The vibrant Bandhani prints are popular worldwide. You can pick among Bandhani suits, saris, turbans and other apparels. This tie and dye art is done on different fabrics like cotton and silk. The art of Bandhana is a highly skilled process. The technique involves dyeing a fabric which is tied tightly with a thread at several points, thus producing a variety of patterns like Chandrakala, Bavan Baug, Shikari depending on the manner in which the cloth is tied.

Jaipuri Razai

Jaipur is famous for many artistic products and Jaipuri Razai is one of its finest artifacts. Stuffed with cotton, the razai covers are decorated with woodblock printing. The Jaipur Razai is completely handmade. The cloth is printed and then cotton is stuffed followed by tagai (tieing and weaving to hold the cotton). What makes Jaipuri Razai unique is it’s extremely soft and delicate fabric.


Puppet shows from Rajasthan are everyone’s favorite. Apart from the puppet shows these puppets are also used for decorative purposes. The Bhatt community of Jaipur and Jodhpur are known for making puppets. Jaipur is one of the main centers of Kathputhli and is known for making distinctive Rajasthani Kathputlis. These puppets have a wooden head with an enormous nose and large eyes. The kathputhlis are covered with long pleated colorful skirts and are tied to a string for movement.

Kundan Work

Jaipur is an established centre of Kundan work in India. Kundan work is an art of jewelry making and is said to be one of the oldest form of jewelry making in India. Kundan is a semi precious stone and is majorly used in making ornaments. Besides it is also used to a adorning apparels and other artifacts. Kundan work was highly appreciated and patronized by royals in Rajasthan and making it an integral part of wedding trousseau of a Rajasthani bride. The makers of Kundan jewelry in Jaipur have a fine eye for perfection in every work, thus making Kundan one of the favorite jewellery among Indian women.


From Kolhapuris to Jutti, the footwear in India also have regional influences. With colourful blocks of resham work the Mojaris look extremely beautiful.The footwear is decorated with embroidery, beads, shells, and mirrors. In ancient times Mojaris were only worn by royals of Rajasthan and they loved Mojaris adorned with gold and silver threads. The mojaris are one of the most loved footwear with ethinic outfits among the common masses  

The colorful handicrafts of Jaipur will leave you enchanted certainly.Not to mention, when in Jaipur do not miss to take a few pieces of these beautiful art forms with you. Their charm will definitely last forever.

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