Coronavirus : Don’t Panic, Be Aware & Take Precautions

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Coronavirus (Covid-19), which began in China, has touched the major portion of the world. The number of contaminations and passing’s from it is expanding step by step. Taking this into account, the World Health Organization has announced the crown infection a worldwide pandemic. In India as well, this virus is spreading its wings in India as well. For the precaution save the government has announced the closure of schools, universities, theaters, etc. Most of the MNC’s have provided work from home facilities for their employees.


What is coronavirus?


Coronavirus is a normal gathering of a virus that is basically found in animals. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it can easily be transmitted from animals to humans.


How does this virus spread?


This virus can spread to individuals just through cough, cold and sneeze, this implies that this infection can be easily transmitted to anyone. It can easily spread through close contact Because it infects the lungs, the droplets released from the
mouth while coughing can also infect the person present.




Symptoms start to show up at any rate 14 days in the wake of getting infected. Patients with coronavirus, for the most part, show introductory manifestations, for example, cough, sore throat, trouble in breathing, fever. If not treated in time, it .can likewise transform into pneumonia.


How much distance should people take?


Since the scope of contamination of coronavirus is 2 meters, and if you are maintaining that specific distance you don’t need to be apprehensive.


Does alcohol cause infection?


The use of alcohol-based sanitizer it’s beneficial but the reports of killing coronavirus by consuming its absolutely baseless.


Is it safe to eat nonveg?


Coronavirus does not spread by eating non-veg if the meat is well cooked and proper hygiene is maintained but we would highly suggest you stay away from nonveg for some time.


Its vaccine or cure?


The doctors are still examining the reason behind this disease. Hence, there has been no vaccine or medication for coronavirus yet.


How to avoid coronavirus?


  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap. If there is no soap, use a sanitizer.
  2.  Cover your nose or mouth with a tissue when you sneeze or cough and then throw it in the dustbin.
  3. Do not touch your nose and mouth with dirty hands nor eat anything with dirty hands.
  4. Stay away from sick people. Do not use their utensils and do not even touch them. This will keep both the patient and you safe.
  5. Keep the house clean and clean the things coming from outside.
  6. Avoid visiting public places and crowded places.
City Bytes and the team recommends you take precautions, stay safe. We hope things will be fine very soon. 

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