Darna Zaroori Hai: Haunted Places in Agra You May Not Be Aware Of

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Since Agra is a city of historical importance, it is no surprise that there are haunted places in Agra to visit and explore. If you are someone who gets excited by the horror tales or who finds adventure in spookiness, let us tell you that there are two places in Agra that will haunt you.

St. John’s College

The locals of Agra suggest that St. John’s College is a haunted place in Agra. Established in 1850, St. John’s College is one of the oldest colleges in Agra. It is said that several students committed suicide in the college campus resulting into horror tales associated with the college.

People have admitted witnessing walking and whistling shadows in the campus during late night. However, there has been no official confirmation or report of the same.

Agra Fort

Historical Monuments are often labeled as haunted place in the city and so is Agra Fort. It is said that many people have been killed in Agra Fort since its construction and therefore it is believed that place is haunted. 70 percent of the Fort is under Army control.

Besides, there are many old bungalows that are said to be most haunted places in Agra. Scary enough!

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