A day in the Life of a Delivery Boy in Lucknow

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Every day we come across delivery boys. Struggling through the traffic with a heavy backpack, an unstrapped helmet and a phone on one hand, they finally make it to our home to deliver smiles.

Standing on our doorsteps, the delivery boys deliver us not just parcels but our happiness. They have to cater our expectations and deal with our reactions. At times when we aren’t satisfied with the parcel, they suffer our wrath though the poor chaps are not responsible.

No matter how badly we wait for them to arrive, they aren’t allowed beyond doorstep. All we know about them is that it’s their duty to deliver parcels and they get paid for it. But there is more to their story, which we believe all of us must know.

Online Kaka, a leading food delivery app caters Lucknowites with mouthwatering food with the help of its sincere team of delivery boys. These delivery boys deal with Lucknow & Lucknowites on daily basis and are the best people to tell us what life of delivery boy looks likes.

Anurag Trivedi, who joined Online Kaka 2 years back said that he joined company as a delivery boy, rendered his service with extreme honesty and is now the logistic manager of the company. “When I joined the company, I was an undergraduate and while working I have also completed my LLB,” he said.

It’s fun to search for new addresses, go to new locations and meet people. Since I have been associated with the company since beginning,

Another delivery boy, Ashish Shukla is just 21 years old. Ashish is preparing for government services and attends coaching in the morning hours. He works for Online Kaka in the evening hours. His work starts at 5:30 pm and ends at 10:30pm.

“I get encountered with several questions,” says Ashish. “There are many who ask; kya tum sach mein delivery boy ho? I don’t like the way people discriminate between various jobs. Is it a small task to get food delivered on time?”. Ashish aspires to become a government officer and believes that his hard work will certainly bear fruits.

Ayush Bannsal joined Online Kaka last year. He talks about various kind of customers he comes across. “At time when I get late, people scold me and talk absurd. They have no idea that we struggle in traffic jams to reach them,” he said. Ayush was particularly disappointed with the customers who order food after boozing. “They are often ill-mannered and don’t know how to talk. They scold us even if it’s not our mistake,” he added.

However, not everyone is bad. Many people ask me, if I want water. It feels good when someone praises my work. I get to learn a lot and now my work is part of my life.

45 years-old Shakeel works with online Kaka since last 2 years. “I work in chips factory in the morning hours and in the evening, I deliver food,” he said. Shakeel’s has a son who is 17. He wants him to become a Government Officer. “I work so hard for my kids. There are days when I reach home after they have slept and leave home before they wake up.”

All that matters in my life is my bike and delivery bag. I have good experience meeting people. Lucknow is a city of Adab and Tehzeeb, they respect my age. Even my boss calls me Shakeel Ji. The respect I get from people compels me to work hard.

The life of a delivery boy is not just about the stuffs they deliver, They work to connect us with our happiness.

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  1. Sugandha says

    They deliver us happiness, while in return they receive our ignorance, ego, anger and misbehaviour. Their work is definitely bone-crunching. Loved the fact that LucknowBytes covered their story <3

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