Delhite’s & Mumbaites Reactions after hearing Hum and Aap from Lucknowites

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No matter which city or state Lucknowites visit they surely mark their presence through their courteous nature, pleasing vocab and soft-spoken language. A simple sentence for greet such as “Kaise hain Aap?” will let you remind the popular slang “Tehzeebon Ka Shehar” for Lucknow. “Hum & Aap” are two amongst the most popular addressing word. The “Tu & Tere” slang is not our cup of tea. So here is the list of some reactions by Mumbai and Delhites on listening “Hum & Aap” from Lucknowite.

1. People of metro cities think that “Hum” word is for plural. Once I said “Hum Sham Ko Ayenge Milne” to a Delhite friend and he replied, “ Kitne Bande Aaoge”.

2. Once a Lucknowite begins a conversation using the word “Aap” he or she would be suddenly assumed to be “Bhaiyya”

3. Most of the Mumbaites reacts by assuming a Lucknowite as a bihari which is rampant in metro cities.

4. There are mixed reactions too. Many of them feel weird on listening to them called as “Aap” and think that they are from any outside world.

5. Girls of metro cities on listening words “Hum & Aap” from Lucknowite boy found them cute and sincere.

6. Using the word “Aap” would surely make you listen, “U.P se hai kya bhai?” from a delhiite.

7. Don’t get astonished on listening, “Mai to teri hi age ka hun bhai, kyo itti izzat de raha hai” from a Mumbaite or a Delhite on being called as “Aap” by any random Lucknowite.

There are many more numerous and mixed reactions of the metro people on having conversation with elegant Lucknowites.

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