Exclusive: Now we can order ‘Sharma Ki Chai’ online; thanks to Online Kaka

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Lucknowites can’t do without their favorite cup of tea. Amidst so many chai addas in the city ‘Sharma Ji Ki Chai‘ tops the chart. The holy grail of Chai lovers in Lucknow, this Chai ki tapri is one place that has dedicated itself to the art of a perfect hot brew.

A multitude of chai lovers flocks to Sharma Ji Ki Chai adda every morning and evening sip the refreshing cup of tea and relish the delicious Bun Makkhan and uniquely round samosas. But for everyone around the city, it’s not possible to commute to Lalbagh every day and hence miss the Garma-garam chai.

But not anymore! Even if you don’t have time to travel all the way to Sharma Ji Ki Chai you can still savor the famous Tea and Bun Makkhan. This is made possible by Online Kaka, a Food Delivery App in Lucknow.

It certainly is great news for Lucknowites. So, if there is a meeting at the office, a guest at home or least whenever you feel like having Sharma Ji Ki Chai, now it’s just a click away.

How to Order Sharma Ji Ki Chai Online

Well, all you need to do is download Online Kaka App if you haven’t done that by now and pick among various combo packs offered. You will have to make a minimum order of Rs.120 to get your ordered delivered.

Online Kaka comes with several combo packs of chai flasks to choose from. You can buy a chai flask along with Bun Makkhan, Samosas, and Suhaal.

Rate Chart:

1) Chai Flask (Serves 4 ) : Rs.120

2) Chai Flask (Serves 8 ) : Rs. 200

3) 4 Chai + 2 Bun Makkhan / 4 Chai + 4 Samosa / 4 Chai + 4 Suhaal : Rs.180

4) 4 Chai + 2 Samosa: Rs.150

5) 4 Chai + 2 Bun Makkhan + 2 Samosa : Rs. 210

6) 4 Chai + 4 Bun Makkhan : Rs.240

7)  8 Chai + 8 Suhaal / 8 Chai + 8 Samosa : Rs.320

8)  8 Chai + 8 Bun Makkhan: Rs.440

I guess there is no point wasting time just go and make your first Online order of ‘Sharma Ji Ki Chai’ !

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