5 Unique Ways to Impress Your Lucknowi Girlfriend this Valentine’s Day

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Lucknawi people have their own charm and it isn’t hard to spot them. The one who just can’t stop getting obsessed with how delicious the food in the city and how beautiful are ‘Shaam-e-Awadh’ is a hardcore Lucknowite.

Since Valentine’s Day is round the corner we have come up with some unique ideas to impress your Lucknowi girlfriend.

Well, if you too are a Lucknowi guy it isn’t a hard nut to crack but if at all you have no idea of how Lucknow is, this list is going to be a great help.

1. Cook something special for her

A true Lucknowite is a big time foodie and a special meal prepared especially for her will sweep her away for sure. Serve it with Love and let the magic begin.

2. Gift her chikankari kurti along with a pair of earrings

Lucknawi girl’s obsession with chikankari kurtis can never end. They just love to add these to their collections. Gift her a beautiful kurti and don’t forget to pair it with earrings to complete her traditional look.

3. Take her out for a Food Trail

If you aren’t a good cook there is nothing to worry about. Take your girlfriend on a food trail in Lucknow. From kebabs, biryani, chat to samosas anything and everything can lift up her mood.

4. Get her a novel she had been willing to read for long

Lucknowites hold back their old -school interests and this comes naturally to them. Shayari, poetry, kissagoi are their all-time favorite and a book she has been longing for will make her day.

5. Take her on a Shopping Spree

Well, girls all over the world love shopping and Lucknawi girls are no different. You can take her to shopping at Hazratganj or wherever she is willing to. What can be a better gift for her?

PS: There are so many ways to impress a girl, but when it comes to Lucknawi girls Food definitely has to play an important part. 

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