Flavours of Old Lucknow – Ramzan Food Walk

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The holy month of Ramzan comes with sublime aura & delectable delicacies. While the day is spent fasting, the reward of Iftar is amazingly delicious. This Ramzan LucknowBytes team went for a food trail in the narrow lanes of Old Lucknow to bring for the culinary tradition of the city of Nawabs.

Lucknow has lot to offer when it comes to Ramzan. If there is anything called nightlife in Lucknow it’s during this month of feasting and fasting. As darkness takes over the city lights makes Akbari Gate look mesmerizing. People come out to shop, have Iftari or Sheri and most importantly to enjoy the fervor of festivity.

Among the various delicacies one can find the most famous joints include, Tundey Kabab, Rahim, Mubin and Kashmiri Chai.

Do we really need to talk about Tundey Kababs of Lucknow? This globally acknowledged delicacy from one of the favorite pick of Lucknowites. The legendary Kebabs are made using more than 100 spices and serve your taste buds with most authentic flavours.

Another popular delicacy among Lucknowites is Kulcha Nihari. Be it Rahim or Mubin, both the outlets are known for the mouthwatering dish. Kulcha Nihari from Lucknow is completely different from that you will anywhere else. Nihari is cooked in slow fire over night with spices & special herbs, thus making meat super soft to melt in mouth.

People gather, enjoy the festivity, live the essence of old Lucknow and relish the traditional delicacies.

Among all the delicious things offered in the street food market, we found Kashmiri Chai the most striking. The Pink colour chai that is accompanied with Malai and Taftan Samosa was amazingly delicious. 

Started by Ameer Ahmad in 1965 at the road side of Akbari Gate circle, Kashmiri Chai tastes best with Balai & Taftan Samosa. Inspired by Kashmiri Noon Chai, it is the window to Kashmiri Culture in Lucknow.

Here’s the Food Walk video you must check out.

We are sure you simply can’t resist yourself from trying all the delicious food. Hurry up! One more day to go.

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