Food Influencers from Lucknow You Must Follow On Instagram

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They say, there is no sincere love than the love for Food. This holds true, at least for Lucknowites. Lucknow is undoubtedly a Food Capital, serving some of the most delectable cuisines. However, the world of food is not restricted to cafes and restaurants we eat in – it’s a world equally dominating the digital space & especially Instagram. Forget fashion influencers, these Food Influencers from Lucknow are making head turns with their mouthwatering feeds that will surely give you major cravings.

If you aren’t following these Food Influencers from Lucknow already, here is why you should start following them this minute.

Here we go,

Flavors of Lucknow


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With 16.1K Followers on Instagram, ‘Flavors of Lucknow’ by Abhishek Agarwal is one of the most celebrated Food Influencers in Lucknow. What started as a hobby for Abhishek is now a full-fledged Influencer Marketing platform. ‘Flavors of Lucknow’ is known to shed the spotlight on hottest street food, café, and restaurants with his skillful camera work. If you haven’t followed him yet, you surely are missing on the best food feed from the city of Nawabs.



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DrishTEA by Drishti Ghosh is much sought after Foodie Instagram account in Lucknow. With around 22.7K followers on Instagram, Drishti enjoys a good following. She absolutely loves gorging on food and can eat from anyplace from a roadside vendor to a fine dine restaurant as long as she gets to have some tasty items. Drishti has a knack for taking amazing food photographs which will leave you hungry and tempted.

Glad to Be Glutton


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Aprmeya Pandey is another foodie in town who has been successful in bringing mouthwatering food from his platter to your phone screens. Trust me; once you stumble upon his Instagram account ‘Glad to Be Glutton, you wouldn’t want to stop looking at the nattily placed pictures. The food pictures are shot with great expertise and will definitely leave you wanting for more. Aprmeya also has a great presence on Zomato being a 13-Connoisseur on the Food Delivery & Reviewing App.

Foodie Jazz


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Foodie Jazz by Tasleem Khan is an account that you must follow if you are a die heart foodie. Tasleem love to explore cafes and dig into sumptuous meals. Her Instagram feed is full of delectable cuisines from must visit cafes and restaurants in Lucknow. Besides, she also covers the culinary delights of the places she travels. She enjoys a great following of 21K followers on her Instagram account.

Tarannum Manjul


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A blogger and Instagram Food Influencer Tarannum Manjul provide curated food inspiration for her followers, one tasty post at a time. Her colorful Insta account with 12.8 K Followers, hunts down some good-looking food and some awe-inspiring quotes. She also has a Blog Panchtatava -The Essence of Life, a lifestyle blog where Tarannum pens down her reviews on Food, Travel, and Life.

The Vagabond Table


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The Vagabond Table by Archita Rai is yet another Food Influencer account that you must follow. Her Instagram page is so pretty and filled with delectable dishes that you cannot stop looking at them. Besides Lucknow, she also introduces her followers with the mouthwatering food from Bangalore. She is also at Level 12 on Zomato.

Big Fat Tummy


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Manasvi is Food & Travel Influencer and her Insta account Big Fat Tummy is a testimony for the same. She brings for her followers’ mouthwatering food information from every nook and corner of Lucknow. Also, as we said she is travel you get to explore fantastic foods from many other places too. Her Insta feed is foodilicious and scrolling through it will definitely instigate your hunger pangs.

Lucknow Foodie


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If you wish to keep yourself updated with best food joints in Lucknow then you ought to follow Lucknow Foodie. You will find all kinds of food on its feed from Lucknow’s street food to delectable platters from restaurants or desserts, and each post will be as scintillating as the last one. Trust me; you will fall in love with their food exploration.

Ghumakkad Dog


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A new entrant among Food Bloggers in Lucknow is Devang Sharma who is sure to enchant you with his foodilicious feed and equally entertaining captions. His Instagram account Ghumakkad Dog is full of a variety of food pics from all over Lucknow. From tempting street food to drool-worthy desserts, fancy dishes from cafes to humble homemade food he covers them all.

My craving has increased by leaps and bounds after exploring their Insta Feeds and I am sure after looking at these tempting food you to wish will rush to grab some delicious food.

Remember, the people who love to eat are the best people.

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