This girl from Lucknow hoisted tricolor at Everest’s base camp

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Minus 32 Degrees temperature, snowy breeze numbing the hands and feet despite wearing heavy clothes, the thin layer of ice on the eyelids, your breath freezing to death and you have to go on to some mission. How would you define this experience? Horrible?Well let me correct you then. This might not defy your courage. 

“Courage and motivation could lead you beyond your known self.” These were the words of Purva Dhawan, the Lucknow’s Everest girl. Amusing, isn’t it? This extraordinary girl reached base camp on 31st of December which is at height of 17598 and made Lucknow proud by raising Indian flag.

Let’s have a look on her Everest Fateh:
Her trip started on 20th December when she went to Kathmandu. She proceeded towards Mt. Everest and the climbing started on 23rd of December. After daily efforts for climbing more and more, she reached base camp of Everest on 31st of December. 6 to 7 hours of daily climbing took all the body strength, but this could not defy the passion and that has made Purva a champ. The entire journey got over on 5th Jan 2018.
Sharing her experience, Purva said,

 The temperature there at basecamp is in minus and Stormy winds blow.

She further stated;

The water was boiled for drinking before we used to sit for their meal. And still water took no time to freeze again. The main challenge was to tolerate the stormy winds and cold which was freezing to death.

This base camp was not the end for her journey. She climbed Black Rock (Kaala Patthar), which is even higher than Mt. Everest base camp and hoisted tri-color there as well. This was more of inner strength for Purva rather than body power. She proved that nothing is impossible. “Himmat-e-marda, to madad-e-khuda.”

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