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Every city has a story to tell, and we believe Gurgaon has an interesting one. The city has witnessed rapid growth and proudly stands as the Millennium City of India. Yes, we know it’s called Gurugram now, but we still love to call it Gurgaon. The idea is to redefine Gurgaon, through our spectacles.
We are Gurgaon Bytes!

We have witnessed how the city that once used to be cluster of villages, now stands as a hyper urban city housing not just the locals but multitude of Indian youth who have flocked here for employment opportunities. It’s the millennials that make this Millennium City awesome to be in & we are here how. We will cater who want to discover all that is fascinating in Gurgaon. The sumptuous food to relish, the finest places to visit, the inspiring people to meet, the craziest hangout spots and all that the city has to offer.

Join us to explore the City which rules at night!