A foodie’s guide to the Vintage Street Food junctions of Gurgaon

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Gurgaon may have emerged as a Millennium City in recent year, but it’s rustic charm remains intact. Besides the Haryanvi swag that you often spot in the city there is more from the old world that the city has to offer.

We list for you a list of popular street food joints in Gurgaon that have been serving the city from decades and are still continue to be foodie’s favorite stops.

Here we go,

Pappu Fish Corner 

Spicy Fish Tikka with Green Chutney

Situated in new colony of Old Gurgaon, the Pappu Fish Corner has been serving delicious tandoori Surmai fish for more than three decades. The shop that is opened exclusively in winters is must go for those love the taste of fried fishes served hot, garnished with tangy spices and a dash of lemon.

Location: Old Railway Road, New Colony, Gurgaon

Sardarji Jalebi Wale

Hot Jalebis at Sardar Ji Jalebi Wale

Sardarji Jalebi wale is not just another Jaleb shop but is a part of Gurgaon’s food heritage. Serving crispy and delicious jalebis every day, this Jalebi shop is more that 60 years old. A must visit place, if you have sweet tooth.

Location: Roshan Pura, Sadar Bazar, Gurgaon

Balji Restaurant

Chana Bhatura at Balji Restaurant

This place serves some awesome Chhole Bhature in the town. Do not expect it to be a swanky place, you will find a small seating area but the food will definitely steal your heart. The place is around 70 years old and still holds the legacy.

Location: Yashin Plaza, Sadar Bazar, Gurgaon

Gandhi Ji Pakode Wale

This is another 40 years old shop in Sadar Bazar that has been serving an array of mouthwatering pakodas from three generations. Ranging from pyaaz, gobh , brinjal to paneer, the hot pakoras served with masala and chutney will leave you wanting for more.

Location: Janta Market, Sadar Bazar, Gurgaon

We know Gurgaon has swanky cafés for you to hangout and feed on global cuisines, but we are these vintage places will leave you enthralled with their authentic taste and old-world charm.

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