7 most haunted places in Gurgaon

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Gurgaon, a city dotted with skyscrapers, party destinations and corporate worlds is indeed a hub of everything modern. However, to the flip, Gurgaon turns to be a slightly creepy place, treasuring stories which scream spook, since time immemorial.

Here we bring to you the horror stories from the underbelly of Gurgaon, narrating the spook side of this city of millennium. Be ready to make your heartbeats plunge a bit.

Let’s begin the scary session!

Saffron BPO

The BPO, built on a graveyard, has a quite an eerie story behind its spookiness. There worked a person named Rose, a very punctual & dedicated one as she constantly won ‘Employee of the month’ almost every month. One day, however, in wake of taking up a long phone call she went on an extended leave, only to never return.

When her colleagues went on to dig about her absence, they were taken aback by the result. Her land lord denied renting his place to any such young lady, and after a lot of search when they found her family, they asserted that Rose had passed on around 8 years back. The puzzle left her associates mentally-shocked for some time!

Mehrauli Street, Gurgaon

This busy street becomes deserted at night, and is believed to be haunted by a woman draped in white saree. Many cab/taxi drivers sworn to catching a sight of a woman wearing a white saree, has bulging eyes and cringing face, running behind the vehicles & people passing by in the night hours. Isn’t is scary?

Sector 7, Gurgaon

This is not any usual apartment but the one haunted by some ghostly presence. The people who have lived here have encountered unearthly activities like random turn on of showers and lights. And those who stayed longer have complained of way scarier happening around them. Some of them have even experienced mental disturbances, hallucinations and strange voices coming from nowhere. As per the local beliefs, the paranormal activites here are done by the spirit of a man who was severely murdered in the bathroom of the flat.

Farrukhnagar Fort

Most of the old edifices have some of the other mystery within their walls, the Farrukhnagar Fort is no different. Located near the Sultanpur Sancturay, the fort has its own share of horror tales. According to the local belief, one of the havelis here houses a spirit as old as the fort itself, and the soul is of a greedy fortune seekr. It seems the spirit guards the fort’s treasure, as anyone who attempts to steal it or spoil it in any manner, ends up becoming blind or barged out of the fortune room.

Pahari Street, Gurgaon

The deserted stretch of the street bears a haunted side owing to the stories of a car roaming around without the chauffer. There often been stories of a car coming from nowhere which speeds up towards the other vehicles leading to lose one’s balance, causing a mishap and disappearing.

Ashok Vihar Flyover, Gurgaon

This flyover, located in Dolkhush Industrial Area turns spooky during the late-night hours. It is said that people passing through it during the wee hours of 1 – 4 AM often see a lady in white saree asking or telling directions to the passerby. The horror is that in case a person stops, they lose the right direction and wander all night moving in and around, unable to reach their destination.

Cyber City

Well you might be surprised finding Gurgaon’s most famed spot under the spooky session, but so does the rumour say! It is said that during the construction of a school near the Cyber City, the builder had a hard time finding a security guard to be at the premises in the night. This was because the strange sound of people including children howling in pain, emanating from nowhere. This would traumatize the guards if he stays all the night and he eventually used to fled. Later the authorities held a big puja in the premises to woo off the unexplained things.

Don’t believe the horror yet? Visit the place yourself…but at your own risk!

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