Indulge in unique desserts like never before at Get Desserted

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Thanks to the rich culinary history of the city of Nawabs, food excites Lucknowites like no other thing. While the world renowned Awadhi delicacy still tops the chart, we are equally fond of new culinary experiences. So, when Get Desserted, a Chandigarh based dessert parlor paved its way to Lucknow we had to checkout this place.

Get Desserted is a one stop exotic dessert destination that specializes in super delicious desserts. Their USP is liquid nitrogen frozen ice-creams but you will also get to try crispy waffles, mouthwatering shakes, luscious pancakes, drool-worthy brownies and much more.

Satiating the ‘Meetha’ craving of Lucknow, Get Desserted is the brain child of Udit Khaitan, a business management graduate who is also a foodie. Udit founded the first Get Desserted outlet at Chandigarh in 2014. He derived his inspiration from a USA based small shop serving freshly made ice-creams.

Get Desserted, Lucknow

This exclusive dessert parlor which was known for its liquid nitrogen frozen ice-creams and experimental flavours, in no time became the favourite dessert junction in Chandigarh. Udit further expanded his stores in Delhi, Mohali, Zikarpur and now the chain has reached Lucknow.

Lucknowites are definitely going to have a gala time relishing the unique desserts here. The most intriguing among the variety of desserts served is the liquid nitrogen frozen ice-creams. Besides there is lot more to choose from the menu.

Red Velvet Pancake at Get Desserted

The most exciting of all the things is the how ‘Get Desserted’ is pro in experimenting with flavours. Besides all the ice creams flavours you can think of you get to taste some unique flavours here, viz. Moti Choor Ice-cream. Who could have thought that our humble Moti Chur Laddu can turn into an ice cream falovour. 

Moti Chur Ice – cream at Get Desserted

Udit’s pure efforts have borne awesome results. He has won six awards in the span of 4 years, including the Times Foods Awards for the best ice-cream outlet, three times in a row. Other achievements include the Global Achievers Award, 2017 and North India Franchise Award in 2017 as well.

Udit Khaitan receiving Times Food Award

Well, this dessert parlor is also available for live catering. So, if you wish to make your wedding or any other private function a delicious affair, you can vouch on Get Desserted.

So why wait? Satisfy your sweet tooth today by grabbing some awesome desserts at ‘Get Desserted’ 

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