Interesting Facts About ‘Agra ka Petha’ that You Might Have Never Heard Before

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Anything that can overshadow the beauty of Taj with its taste is surely being the ‘Petha’ of Agra. We Indians have a deep and abiding penchant for sweets. This sweet and translucent candy of Agra satisfies most of the sweet tooth coming to Agra.

Made from winter melon, this sweet finds a strong place in everyone’s heart. Originated from the kitchens of the Mughal’s, petha is now ruling every street of Agra. For years, tourists visiting Agra have been buying the boxes of this candy to taste this masterpiece.

  • But most of the people don’t know the history behind this sweet and light candy. Here we tell you the amazing history of Petha that has sweetened Agra forever.
  • Around 350 years ago it came into existence when the Emperor Shah Jahan ordered his royal chef to prepare a sweet which is as pure and as white as the marble of the Taj. The beautiful result was the ‘Petha’.
  • It is believed that back in the 17th-century this sweet was enough to provide instant energy to the workers involved in the working of Taj Mahal.

  • It is considered as the purest sweetmeat ever made in the world as it only contains pumpkin, water and sugar.
  • Nowadays the petha is available in many flavours and shapes. Kesar petha, pan petha, angoori petha and many other varients can be found. Its melt-in-mouth goodness satisfies every person’s desire for a quality sweet.
  • The petha industry has now become an important part of Agra’s culture. More than 700 cottages in Agra’s Noori Gate area churn out this most popular sweet every day.

  • The modern day petha is popular only because of the shop named ‘The Panchhi Petha’.
  • Seventy years ago, Seth Pancham Lal Goyal started panchhi petha with just one store. He kept on experimenting with the original petha and came out successfully with many other variants of it.
  • Today he has more than 25 options in his store and seven branches in Agra itself.

  • The cherry petha, the chocolate petha, the pan petha and many more are the specialties of The Panchhi Petha.
  • Often called as the God’s sweet, ‘The Petha’ will always be the second most lovable thing in Agra after the Taj Mahal.

Aren’t you tempted to grab some delicious Pethas? Well we are !

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