How Jaipur got its popular name the ‘Pink City’

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It was in our primary classes that we first learnt, Jaipur is called the Pink City. If you have been to Jaipur you can’t deny the fact that the city is painted in Pink. The uniformity of the color scheme in almost all the historical buildings definitely leaves a lasting impression.

Well, it’s no mystery that Jaipur is known as Pink City, but not all of us know the story behind this nomenclature.

Let’s tell you how Jaipur came to be known as Pink City: 

It was 1876 that Prince of Wales, Lord Albert, and Queen Victoria were to visit Jaipur. The then ruler Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh decided to paint the city in pink in the honor of Prince and Queen.

Since pink is considered to be the color of hospitality the buildings were painted in terracotta pink. This paint was produced from a calcium oxide compound. It is said to be extremely durable even in the arid land of Jaipur.

It was then that Prince of Wales acknowledged the gesture and exclaimed Jaipur to be the ‘Pink City’. The most intriguing part of the story is that it has been nearly 140 years since the buildings were painted pink, but the color scheme still remains intact.

Well, the answer to this query lies in another story. It is said that the wife of Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh was completely in awe of the Pink color scheme. She convinced the Maharaja to pass a law that makes painting the buildings in any color other than terracotta pink to be an illegal act. The law that was passed in 1876 continues to be effective till date.

Under the supervision of state government, the buildings are painted pink every year thus withholding the legend that goes with Jaipur.

Jaipur in itself is a colorful city with a vibrant culture. The city that may appear Pink is full of various shades that you must visit at least once.

It’s time you seize reading and plan a trip to Jaipur. It will be worth a visit.

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