Jaipur Smart City: Modernity meets Heritage

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The city is known for its iconic allure, and it’s unique style of planning. Its buildings are predominantly rose-colored, and it is called the “pink city”. Yes, the capital city of Rajasthan; Jaipur. The 18th-century city is about to embark on a tremendous transformation wherein modernization blends in with the heritage of this beautiful city.
The housing and urban affairs ministry has announced 99 cities for central assistance under the government’s flagship programme “The Smart City Mission”.

Some of the 5 improvements done by the state would be:-

1. The walled city will have improvements in many sectors such as beautification of facades, restoration of heritage buildings and ‘smart roads’ with integrated traffic management system, among many others.

2. The biggest ever change that would take place in the city is the ‘smart road’ which would have CCTV camera in every corner of the road, WIFI and cellular ports for charging, bins to stick with the ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ and sensors helping pedestrians and vehicles to move with ease during heavy traffic.

3. ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’, Rajasthan is ahead of other states and has achieved the open defecation-free district in the state and seven other districts would be joining the open defecation-free movement.

4. Traffic congestion is a problem in every big city and to address that, they would be constructing three big underground parking in Chandpole, Chaugan stadium and one in Jaipuri hospital.

5. Jaipur App would be launched very soon which would revolutionize the progress of the city. The Jaipur App which is a part of the smart city initiative can help Jaipurites track how much parking space is available in popular areas, whether the street lights are working in the neighborhood and what are the pollution levels like in the city. Major heritage structures would be getting immediate attention, which included the redevelopment of the Govind Devji Temple, Talkatora lake as well as the Ram Niwas garden.

Getting the pink city a makeover is every Jaipurites dream turning it into one of the most known places in India and making it an eco-friendly corridor would be a wonderful aspect of modernization and heritage and molding both these concepts into what we all know as India.

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