Keeping ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ at bay, Jaipur’s Daughter helped widowed mother find love again

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As a society India is obsessed with the concept of ‘Log Kya Kahenge’. So, whenever a person decides to go beyond the ‘Said & Seen’ norms of society it definitely takes courage. One such incident took place in Jaipur where a daughter Sanhita Agarwal, played matchmaker for her widowed mother Geeta Agarwal and got her remarried despite facing opposition from society and immediate family.

It was in 2016, when Sanhita lost her father Mukesh Gupta due to a cardiac arrest, leaving the family shattered. As the days passed by Sanhita could sense that depression was taking over her mother. They say time is the greatest healer but for Geeta the situation only worsened.

Sanhita quoted, “My mother would spend her day crying in front of my father’s photograph and questioning God for the loss she was suffering.”

Sanhita had to move Gurgaon for her new job and she made it a point to visit her mother every weekend only to find there were no signs of improvement in Geeta. Sanhita couldn’t see her mother in a sorry state and felt guilty of leaving her alone in Jaipur.

Breaking all the taboos Sanhita decided to take a bold step and opened her mother’s profile on a matrimonial site. This was a big move indeed for a daughter to get her mother remarried which was very mature decision for her age.

“Everyone needs a partner in life – you cannot share everything with your children. Without my mother’s consent, I created her profile on a matrimonial site and put my mobile number there,” Sanhita said.

When Geeta was informed about this, she off course was apprehensive and not willing to get into matrimony at an age of 53. The immediate family was in no mood to support the marriage either.

However, in October Sanhita found a right match for her mother. KG Gupta a 55 years old revenue inspector and a father of two sons from Banswara who lost his wife to cancer in 2010, contacted Sanhita. Geeta though was yet not convinced.

In November, Geeta was advised a hysterectomy. KG Gupta gave Geeta a visit and thus the two got to know each other better. Geeta finally agreed to marry and tied nuptial knot. Though there were people in family who did not approve of the wedding but a few of them turned up to be part of the celebration.

This story is inspiring in so many ways. It’s not just about breaking the taboo of widow remarriage but a daughter coming in front to help her widowed mother to start her life afresh.

Everyone needs a partner and there are emotions that can’t be shared with anyone else but ones partner. When widowed parents keep away from the idea of remarriage for the sake of their children, this girl getting her own mother remarry is certainly a breath of fresh air.

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