Lucknow Boy Fulfils Father’s Last Wish, Scores 98.25 % in ISC Exam Despite Tragedy

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For students board exams are a make or break scenario. In such times of pressure, coming across a tragedy just before an important exam can make any student breakdown. This is what happened with Lucknow’s boy Anmol Srivastava, who lost his father on the day of his XII ISC 2018 Mathematics exam. However, despite tragedy the boy scored 100% marks in Mathematics.

It was on 26th February 201, when Anmol was all geared up for his mathematics exam, his father Ajay Kumar Srivastava suffered a heart attack. Anmol’s father could not survive the attack and lost his life at 10 am merely four hours before Anmol’s exam.

Anmol’s world turned upside down in minutes. The boy had suffered the greatest loss in his life and was not in a state to sit for the exam. Anmol was not willing to appear for the exam as his mind was completely blank. 

However, it was Anmol’s mother who persuaded him to appear for the exam as it was his father’s last wish. Anmol’s mother told him that during his last moments his father had told his mother that he wants Anmol to appear for the exam no matter what. Anmol’s father even said that in case he dies the last riots can wait but his son should write the exam.

Anmol who says that the moment was horrifying for him chose to fulfill his father’s last wish. He was in the hospital and was left with only two hours to appear for exam. Despite the entire trauma he was going through he wrote the ISC Mathematics exam for his father and also ends up scoring 100 % in Mathematics. Anmol also went ahead to appear for his English paper a day after his father’s final riots.

Anmol efforts and courage of striving against all odds brought positive results forhim. He scored 98.25 % marks in XII ISC exams. Subject wise Anmol scored 100 in Mathematics, Computer Science and Physical Education, 97 in Physics, 95 in Chemistry and 93 in English.

Anmol was quoted saying that his father was the one who would help him solve difficult mathematics calculations. He says that it was all because of his father’s blessings that he was able to write his exams despite the trauma he was going through.

Anmol who has already qualified JEE Mains is looking forward to excel in JEE Advanced. His elder brother is an engineer and Anmol also aspires to become one.

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