Lucknow: Breaking News of The Day

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1. Inauguration of the the Garbage ATM by “Yogi Aditya Naath”

2. Unemployment at it’s peak : Lucknow’s educated youth selling ‘Pakodas‘ at clock tower.


3. Lucknow gone vibrant during one of it’s open art event held at Gomtinagar.


4. Lucknow Race Course organised a houseful show for Maj. Gen. Mahendra Pratap memorial Cup.


5. Honesty still resides: Lucknowi policeman returned a purse which had 45000/- in cash.



6. Rs 2000 will be rewarded to the people who hospitalize the victim in case of any accident.


7. Students got arrested for cheating on first day of UP board exams. 


8. A Lucknowi guy named “Sheikh Ali Akhbar” got arrested for planning a terrorist activity on ‘Whatsapp.’


9. Band and Revelry will now be needing permission prior any wedding. 


10. Lucknowi lady “Kusum Verma” rewarded 3 International awards for her phenomenal singing.




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