Bhabhi-Nanad Jodi from Lucknow’s Kathak Gharana sets &TV’s Reality Show on Fire

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&TV’s dance reality show ‘High Fever: Dance Ka Naya Tevar’ is witnessing the talent of Lucknow’s Bhabhi-Nanad Jodi. Kathak exponents Neha Singh Mishra and Kantinka Mishra have made their way to the dance reality show and are promising participants who are determined to win the reality show.

&TV’s High Fever: Dance Ka Naya Tevar is a dance reality show with a unique concept where participants come in Jodis. The Lucknowi girls have already carved a special place for themselves as the Bhabhi-Nanad Jodi is being loved by the audience and judges alike.

Neha and Kantinka are winning hearts with exceptionally beautiful kathak performances. Kantinka is daughter of ace Kathak dancer and guru Late Arjun Miishra from Kathak Gharana. Kantinka’s brother Pt. Anuj Mishra is also a Katkan dancer and Guru who runs his academy in Lucknow. Neha Singh Mishra is wife of Pt. Anuj Mishra and the entire family is devoted to work towards preserving and propagating Kathak from Lucknow’s Gharana.

The show High Fever is raising TRP with its unique Jodi concept. The viewers are not just enjoying the dance performances but also the chemistry of the participants. As we know, Bhabhi-Nanad Jodi is not always rosy in the society we live hence the mutual love, respect support and admiration Neha and Kantinka  have for each other is winning hearts.

Neha is also a mother of an eight month old baby who is back in Lucknow and is taken care by her family. Kantinka is all praises for Bhabhi for managing her passion of dance and responsibility of the child and family. While, Neha says that she is standing here today because of the support she is getting from her family and Kantinka . She added that her sister in law is more like a friend to her and they share a great understanding.

The dancers say that their family has given their all to Kathak and have received lots of love from Lucknow. They believe that it’s time to give back to Lucknow and hence they are determined to win the show and bring laurels to their city and Lucknow Kathak Gharana. The duo will be strictly performing Kathak on the show in various ways with unique choreography in each performance. This is how they want to celebrate Kathak which they say is no less than any dance form in the world.

Lucknow Bytes wishes Neha and Kantinka all the best and wish for their win. The show High Fever, which is aired on &TV is being judged by Lara Dutta, Dana Alexa and Ahmad Khan.

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