Lucknow Election: A Fight for Right

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26th November 2017, Sunday. It was not like any other Sunday, but this was the day when each individual of the city had to perform his/her responsibility towards the city and state. And the zeal to participate in the voting process was much more than any past election process. But their zeal turned into a big disappointment when the voters were detained from voting. And the reason? Missing name of voters from the voting list. This could also have been accepted when the proportion was small. But no, it was not small. It was the 70% portion who couldn’t vote. Shocking, isn’t it?

This issue went viral on Facebook, and power of social media cannot be ignored. Especially when the issue is related to public. Such an incident came into light when common people felt dejected after they were deprived of exercising their voting right. In recent few videos on Lucknow Bytes, we showed how much fury was created among public due to removal of their names from voting list.

The videos were captured by Lucknow Bytes, after which, series of missing names complaints gone viral. this issue was witnessed on maximum booths of the city.

After so many complaints, the situation went out of control resulting into suspension of 3 BLOs of different booths with immediate effect. Lucknow District Magistrate, Kaushal Raj Sharma suspended these 3 BLOs on the grounds of carelessness. SK Agarwal, State Election Commissioner stated

“After the voter list was updated, approximately 94 lacs voters were added and 80 lakh voters removed. There was a problem with the voters slip distribution and I have conveyed the message to the District Magistrate.”

Adding to this, he said,

“Prima facie, it appears that the problem of missing names was due to the carelessness of Booth Level Officers, who were responsible for the verification of voters’ list.”

Keeping in mind this issue, we at Lucknow bytes have taken an initiative through signing a petition against the anarchy and looking for your support so that the result is fair and not biased. Active participation is required from you all to make this message reach our decisive authority.
If you don’t want democracy to be killed, sign the petition NOW.

to sign the petition, click on the link:

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