These Lucknowi delights prove Lucknow is not only Kebabs & Biryani

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Lucknow is a city which offers a lot more than what meets the eye. Furthermore, the lifestyle of Lucknowites makes them no less than a Nawab. However, one thing which keeps them go gaga over is the delicious authentic food of the city.

Tunday Kebabs & Idris ki Biryani undoubtedly share a large place in the food bowl of Lucknow, but if we dig it beyond, there is a bunch of Lucknowi dishes which make this bowl all the more sumptuous! And we have brought some of them here:

Basket Chaat

The chaat is certainly Lucknowite’s hot favorite when it comes to snacking.

The Basket Chaat in Lucknow is a regular chaat with a twist of –extra toppings, unique spices and a crispy tokri, in which the chaat is served.

Also known as Tukri chaat, its tangy taste and flavoursome filling leaves all your cravings satiated.

Ratti Laal k Khaste

Even the breakfast in Lucknow flaunts a rich touch like the main course Nawabi cuisine. Khastas is one of the most talked about breakfast food here and the one offered by Rattilal’s has its own essence.

For those who never heard about it, Khastas are deep fried pastries filled with moong daal stuffing, served with spiced potato and chutneys of various flavours, usually the sweet chutney.  

The Rattilal’s in Aminabad is serving the Khastas with unique taste and texture since decades. And we can assure you, once you start to munch over it, you won’t be able to eat just one.

They also serve Jalebi Dahi, which too are a must try.

Pani ka Batasha

Crunchy puris filled with spiced water and mashed chickpeas can mesmerize any Indian Foodie out there!

However, the Pani ka Batasha in Lucknow is simply inimitable. Moreover, not one, not two, but it is served in more than 5 flavours.

Each flavor water is prepared with a jazzy mix of spices. Jaljeera, Thikha, Khatta-meetha, Nimbu Pani, Hing, Mint are to name a few.

When these flvaoured batashas, one after the other invade your taste buds you can feel a gush of appetizing savour on every bit.

Makhan Malai

Makhan, meaning butter, Malai, the milk cream and we can easily imagine how delightful the blend of the two would be. Makhan Malai, also known as Nimish in Lucknowi colloquially, is an integral dessert out of Lucknow’s winter menu.

Nimish is a light, fluffy and creamy lookalike of ice cream. It is topped with sprinkled khoya and pistachios, making it all the more irresistible.

Savour it and feel how softly it melts in your mouth. You can find the best of this seasonal sweet in Chowk area.

Malai ki Gilori

Credit: silverfromindia

Whether you love to indulge in sweets or not, the Malai ki Gilori in Lucknow can instantly win your taste buds.

These tender Malai ki Giloris are stuffed with khoya, dry fruits and mouth-watering flavors. Take one and you won’t stop craving for more!!!

 Lucknowi Paan


What makes an awesome meal complete in Lucknow? It’s is definitely the Lucknowi Paan. if you think the Paan here is just another paan, you haven’t tasted it yet.

More than just patta, supari and gulkand bind together, Lucknowi Paan is an experience of refreshing taste. In addition, it comes in many amazing flavours – mango paan, rosary paan, hamze ka paan and such like.

So, which of these make a best treat for your taste buds? Do share your favorite pick with us.

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