Lucknow Man Built A Drone To Save A Puppy Trapped In Drain

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Lucknow‘s Milind Raj attached an Artificial Intelligence controlled robotic arm with a drone to save a puppy in a drain. 

It was during his usual morning walk that Lucknow’s man Milind Raj noticed a puppy trapped inside a drain. Milind could hear the puppy crying and got to know that the dog was trapped in the filthy drain in the middle of the road for two days.

27 years old Milind, wondered how he could save the puppy, which looked quite difficult at first sight. However, then he came up with an idea and decided to utilize his robotic skills to rescue the dog.

Here is the video showing how Milind used the drone to save the trapped puppy.


Milind is quite known in Lucknow for building robots. He went to his lab and assembled a giant drone and Artificial Intelligence controlled Robotic Arms. It took him six hours to assemble the entire drone and it was then that he moved for the rescue operation.

Talking to a leading daily Milind said that the drain was very filthy and it was not possible for any human to rescue the puppy without endangering their own life. And it was therefore that he decided to put technology into use.

Milind was also quoted saying that:

 “I decided to use the AI-controlled robotic arm because it has a smart heartbeat sensor. Attached to the drone, I knew it would be risky but may work.”

However, the efforts of Milind Raj proved to be fruitful and the puppy was rescued from the drain. The dog once out of the drain vomited a couple of times and then was safe and sound.

What makes the entire story heartwarming is that Milind not only rescued the puppy but also adopted him and named him ‘Lifted’.

Such incidents prove all over again that Lucknowites are always ahead when it comes to compassion and humanity.

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