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We are young at heart Lucknowites who have been raised in the land of Nawabs. So, you can’t expect us to be anything less than Royal. We have been observing that moving from the domes and arches, Lucknow is emerging as a cosmopolitan. So, we felt a need of introducing this emerging city, to everyone around the Globe.

The idea is to Redefine the place and talk beyond Nawabs and Kebabs. And we’re just getting started! We cater everyone who want to discover all that is fascinating in Lucknow. The sumptuous food to relish, the finest places to visit, the inspiring people to meet, the craziest hangout spots and all that the city has to offer. An attempt to redefine Lucknow, from our spectacles.

The place resides in everyone’s heart.It is more likely to be an emotion.Join us to explore the City of nawabs beyond the said and seen!