10 Reasons Why Lucknow Is Better Than Mumbai

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Many people live in cities. While in some people, cities live. Cities, they could never leave completely. And if you criticize them, they surely don’t hesitate to roll down their sleeves. Like, a part of Lucknow lives in me that I carry everywhere I go to. And I hear no word against it.

Even though I’d to move to Mumbai, but they are right when they say, “home is where the heart resides.” They told me to move on, to stop comparing the city like Lucknow to a city which homes the king of romance, but I just can’t keep my butterflies at bay. So, here are 10 reasons why Lucknow is better than Mumbai.

1. Happiness Factor

According to the recent survey done by LG and a market research company IMRB International, Lucknow ranks the second in the list of happiest cities. In contrary to it, Mumbai is at number 15. And what else do we pursue everywhere if not happiness?

2. The Third Eye

Lucknow is the first CCTV city with over 9000 security cameras. This has decreased the frequency of theft of vehicles for the majority of parking and garages are under CCTV surveillance. It’s also increased the chances of the culprit getting caught in the hit and run cases. On the other hand, Mumbai’s thieves don’t discriminate and whether it’s a water tab, a tube light or a dustbin, they are okay with it.

3. Railways

Who’s not aware of the devilish local trains of Mumbai? While Lucknow’s Charbagh Railway Station can be a sublime background of your picture. In fact, its chess like structure makes it one of the finest railway stations.

4. Rickshaw

Nothing represents a middle-class family overcoming monetary challenges to have some fun in the city than a rickshaw with five people loaded on it. People of Mumbai haven’t got the chance to tease rickshaw pullers by making different noises and bargaining for little things.

5. Food

It’d have been a huge injustice to the flamboyant food variety of Lucknow had I not mentioned it here. No Pav Bhaji can stand abreast with Crispy Kulchas and mouth-watering kababs.

6. Embroidery

There are two reasons why people attend marriages. One is to have food and the other, to show their dressing sense. If you’re a Lucknowite, you know that Chicken suits, Shararas, and artistic sarees are being made on every second corner. While in Mumbai’s expensive showrooms, they’re being imported.

7. Art and Literature

Art is in Lucknow’s air. There’s a lot of poetry on its soil. It’s even produced many progressive writers and poets who have shown the different perspectives of the world.

viii. The Matrix

Yes, Mumbai’s flats are as sophisticatedly designed as a matrix is. It’s normal for six or seven people to sleep in a small room.(Feel for love birds.) In contrary to it, you can freely breathe in the ventilated houses of Lucknow.

ix. Hospitality

Lucknow’s hospitality is self-explanatory and the way they initiate a conversation in the politest and the humblest manner is enough to win your heart. In Mumbai, never do two things: tell anyone that you’re new to the city and trust someone who says don’t worry, I’m with you after listening to this.

x. Serenity

If you’re the kind of person who loves peace and silence, Lucknow is the right place for you. Does not matter if Mumbai houses our Bollywood Stars, it’s no less privileging to have a comforting environment.

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