10 Things you can boast of being a Lucknowite

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Every city gives you some reasons to boast about, there is always something or the other that’s unique about every city and its people would be proud of it. Lucknow – the city of Nawabs won’t let you down at all, out of a number of reasons Lucknow gives you to boast about, here we talk about ‘10 things you can boast of being a Lucknowite’.

1. We have the river Gomti, We also have a Riverfront

This is something only a Lucknowite can boast of. River Gomti has been the lifeline of Lucknow ever since in multiple ways, but now we have a riverfront along the banks of the river which serves as a popular place to hang out with friends or family.

2. The largest international cricket stadium in the state is now here in Lucknow

With seating capacity of 50,000 spectators, the Ekana International Cricket stadium has outnumbered even the very grand Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. This stadium is the largest stadium in Uttar Pradesh as well. Lucknow also expects a Football stadium next to the Cricket stadium very soon.

3. Lucknow is the home to the best kebabs in the World

You read that right, ‘The best kebabs in the World’. Stuffed with nearly 60 sort of secret spices and lots of love, the Tunday kebabs from Lucknow are famous all over the country, and they come from the royal kitchen of the Nawabs of Awadh.

4. Talking of large parks? We have the largest park in Asia

Lucknow is like loaded with parks all around the city. The Lohia Park, The Eco Garden, The Ambedkar Park and what not, but then comes the show stopper, The Janeshwar Mishra Park, being the largest park in the continent is most beautiful place to be with friends and family.

5. The largest school in the World is here in Lucknow

The City Montessori School in Lucknow is the Guinness Book of World Record holder for being the largest school in the World on the basis of pupil strength with strength of about 52,000 students over twice a dozen branches all around the city (well that’s massive).

6. Chikankaari is an art preserved in Lucknow ever since

Lucknow has always been famous for its unique and most intricate work of chikankaari or embroidery. Awadh of Nawabi era was a gem of Indian fashion back then and this delicate art is still cultivated here in the city.

7.The culture and cuisine you will never find anywhere else

Every Lucknowite boasts about the age old culture and cuisines of the Nawabi that is still prevalent and alive in the people of Lucknow, and this we the proud people of Lucknow who make the old city gleam above all.

8.We Lucknowites are very fond of boasting about our historic architecture

The old city has a bunch of very old and yet beautiful architectural buildings built by the Nawabs of Awadh and the British over centuries and are still in good shape, and every Lucknowite takes pride boasting about them. Be it the 237 years old Residency complex, 233 years old Imambara, 212 years old Dilkusha Palace or 172 years old La Martiniere College. Am I boasting? Not exactly!.

9.Lucknow has metro, so we boast about that too

Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh and also receives a special status regarding the same, and also ours is the only city in the state to have our own metro rail network which is continuously expanding and we Lucknowites take pride in it.

10.Weather in Lucknow is love

When it comes to weather, it’s totally recommendable to be in Lucknow during the monsoons and I bet you will fall in love too. The city weather is full of delightful emotions during the monsoon months, probably the best time to be in Lucknow.

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