12 Year old rape survivor becomes mother, traumatized

I won't take this child home, says the the minor survivor

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We live in a country where we talk wonders. But alas, we only talk wonders,we don’t work wonders. We do candle march when a girl gets raped and walk straight when we see a girl getting raped. One society, many faces. And none of the faces is trustworthy. Earlier in 2017, an incident took place where the victim was a 12 YO minor girl. And on the top of that, nobody even candle marched for her. Sad, isn’t it?

The minor got raped by her very own neighbor, a 25 YO men. The matter got into the light when the victim’s mother noticed her daughter’s abnormal body changes. That is when the mother got to know about her daughter’s pregnancy. Though the accused is behind the bars, but his trial didn’t get started till December 2017. And to no surprise, that girl gave birth to a boy last Saturday, 30th December.


Unable to erase the horrifying memories of the traumatic incident, the rape survivor was unwilling to take the baby home. While feeding the baby on the hospital bed on Sunday, the survivor said the child would only serve to remind her of the fatal incident and trauma she had undergone. Girl’s mother told that the accused raped her when she returned after filling water from a hand pump one fine evening in may 2017.



The survivor’s mother said,

“We are poor people. We cannot keep the baby as it is difficult to face the social stigma.”


The accused was arrested on August 26 and charges were framed against him on October 5 for rape, causing hurt and under Prevention of Children Against Sexual Offences Act (POCSO).


said Mukul Verma, station officer of Indiranagar police station.

Survivor’s father is no more while her mother is a housewife. Their livelihood runs on the earnings of elder brother of victim.

“The boy is healthy, weighs 2.3 kg and was born through normal delivery at 6.58pm on Saturday. Like all patients, the girl is under 48-hour hospital observation and will be discharged on Monday,”

said medical superintendent Dr Sarita Saxena.

A kid of such tender age deserves to be raped? Shame on such mentality. I still don’t understand where we are heading? Seriously Desh badal raha hai. people are losing remaining moral values, compassion, humanity, and most importantly, they have forgotten the word KARMA.

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