7 Funny Reasons Why Metro Is the Best That Could Happen to Lucknow

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Lucknow Metro is running in full swing and we Lucknowites are more than happy. Lucknow Metro comes with latest technologies and is way better than any other Metro running in India. But we Lucknowites have better reasons to travel in Lucknow Metro!

Here we go –

1. A brand-new destination for clicking selfies and posting them on Social Media.

Ditch Marine Drive and Gomti River Front, you have a new place to click selfies. All we can say is stay safe.

2. You have new Facebook Check-In goals.

Gone are the days when check-in on Airports was considered cool. Lucknow Metro Check-In is the latest fad.

3. Don’t have credit cards? No need to worry; you can now flaunt your Metro Smart card.


Your card case is going to have a new guest and it’s no other than Metro smart card.

4. Yet Single? A chance to start a new love story.


You Her & Metro can be the next big thing. You both, same route, same time, same metro… chance of brewing a new love story is very high.

5. You can now boast that Lucknow is a ‘Metro’ city.

Tired of listening that Lucknow might be capital of the biggest state in India but it’s not a Metro city. You have an answer now.

6. You get to sleep in AC at a very low cost.

Is scorching heat draining you? Simply take a nap in the peaceful Metro, you don’t have to pay much for it.

7. Last but not the least:

Kanpur Guy: Humare paas Z square hai, tumhare paas kya hai?
Lucknowite: Humare Paas METRO hai?

We are sure these reasons are enough for you to enjoy a fun ride on Lucknow Metro.

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