Amazing features that make Lucknow Metro advanced than Delhi Metro

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The Lucknow Metro will kick start on September 5, 2017 and we can’t wait more. After the inconvenience we have been facing for all these months, the news of commencement of METRO certainly comes as a breeze of fresh air.

Many of you might have already travelled in Delhi Metro and think that travelling in Lucknow Metro will be no different. Unfortunately, you are wrong cause Lucknow Metro comes with latest technologies that you haven’t seen before.

Check Out what makes Lucknow Metro stand out:


These features have been introduced for the very first time in any Indian Metro:

• Lucknow Metro comes with a camera that monitors the rooftop and wheels of Metro.

• An Ethernet based microprocessor communication system to enable fast and efficient communication with control rooms and train operators.

• The Metro coaches can successfully operate their AC even in temperatures as high as 50 degrees Celsius, while the other Metros are compatible only for temperature up to 45 degrees Celsius.

• Energy efficient LED lighting system are installed in Metro coaches that enables 30% power savings.


Besides, you should also take a look at other features of Lucknow Metro.

• The first Lucknow Metro will run between Transport Nagar to Charbagh.

• It is the Blue Line of Lucknow Metro which is part of North South corridor.

• This route will connect 8 stations and the total cover a distance of 8.4 km.

• The Metro train will comprise of 6 coaches and facilitate the commotion of 1310 passengers.

• You will get to hear the announcements in Hindi, English and Urdu.

• The Metro Trains will arrive in every seven minutes, so you don’t have to wait for long.

• According to LMRC rules, children below 90cm (2.9 feet) only, can travel for free in Lucknow metro and those exceeding the height limit will need a ticket.

• Minimum fare between two traveling stations is Rs. 10 and the Metro card will be available for just Rs. 200.


• Passengers can directly contact the Metro operator in case of an emergency, with a help of a Talk Back speaker.

• A set of smoke detectors has been installed to prevent fire hazards and detect if anyone is smoking in the Metro.

Ready to take off in Lucknow Metro? So are we!

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