10 reasons that will convince you to date a Lucknowi guy !

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Lucknow itself is a very diverse city on its own, and not to mention a variety of people with their own flavors can be spotted in every corner of Lucknow. And when it comes to guys, every girl has her own preferences and also every guy is unique in his own way, but when it comes to guys from Lucknow, they have some uncommon Lucknowi essence in them.

So for all the ladies – here are a few reasons for ‘Why to date a Lucknow Guy’.

1. Lucknowi guys are big time foodies

If you are also a foodie, be damn sure to enjoy being with a Lucknow guy since he is the one who knows how and where to get the most awesome stuff to eat, be it street food or restaurants. The guy brings to you some mouth watering delicacies.

2. The most well mannered guys around

‘Pehle Aap’ might sound like an old time saying in Lucknow but ‘tehzeeb’ is something in our DNAs, so expect a very polite and warm welcoming nature if you look forward to date a Lucknow guy. You will soon find yourself being used to ‘Aap’ instead of  ‘Tu’.

3. Simple and Honest people in Lucknow

Although Lucknow is becoming a modern city at quite a pace but has kept itself at a distance from the hectic lifestyle of so called big cities and it is something visible in Lucknow people as well. More inclined towards simplicity, you will find some most honest and simple guys around.

4. A good scout always around you

Be it wide roads of Gomtinagar or the most narrowest lanes of Hussainganj, if you are dating a Lucknow guy you will probably never get lost in the city, because your guy knows how to find a way out. No matter where you are, his motorbike can lead you to any destination in the city.

5.Bargaining is an art; your guy is an artist

You will have a best shopping experience ever and you don’t even need to visit fancy showrooms with high price tags, your guy knows where to shop even in a tight budget and his bargaining skills comes as a bonus.

6. Lover of art and music

Lucknowites are brought up around Nawabi culture so much so that they cannot hide their love for art or music, and if you are also a music or art lover, you will probably have a good time dating a Lucknow guy.

7. Way less chances of being hurt

Lucknow guys are very sweet at heart when it comes to girls, no matter from which part of city do they belong. They believe in long term relationships (just in case you are looking forward for a commitment) and believe it or not they will never leave you heartbroken.

8. That cute possessiveness you would love.

Apart from being sweet and well mannered, almost every Lucknow guy is very particular about their partners. Yes, they are a little possessive just in a sense they will always be keen to know your
whereabouts, they would also be a little jealous even if some other guy looks at you, but at the same
time never letting you know anything about it.

9. Humble people; no show offs

This is something you would notice yourself in almost any Lucknow guy. Stuff like “Tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai” doesn’t happen in Lucknow. No matter what their financial status is –‘ Sharma ki Chai’ or ‘Bajpai ki Kachori’ is never gross for them.

10. They are good storytellers

There are innumerable tales that have been revolving around Lucknow ever since and Lucknow guys will narrate them to you in such a manner that you never get bored. If you look forward to date a Lucknow guy, just expect yourself always entertained.

These have the ten most distinct qualities you would find in a Lucknow guy. Happy dating.

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